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A question for Emmy?

May i ask you, how it go's with Emma

or Gert and the translations

of the Heavenletters..

they ended the 7end of October.

that's a whole month.

Are they ill?.

love Elisabeth

A question for Emmy?

Dearest Elisabeth,

You are so kind and wonderful to ask. I too miss the Dutch translations. Even though I cannot read Dutch, it was comforting that they would arrive.

Tonny also asked about the Dutch translations.

Emmy was doing them virtually every day without fail, and it was so wonderful. Gert had been doing the same until he went to the Philippines, and the last I knew he was back there again.

And Emmy went on vacation.

Surely they must be coming back soon.

I wish I knew a way for you to have every Heavenletter translated into Dutch every day, dearest Bep. Let's desire it. Do you possibly know anyone who could translate for us? They would have to want to from their heart, of course.

I believe very much in the individual, Elisabeth. If there were only one person who wanted to read Heavenletters in Dutch, it is just as important as if there were a hundred. With all my heart, I desire new Dutch translations to appear this week.

Come back, Gert. Come back, Emmy. Someone new, also come!

Let's see what happens from the power of our desire.

God bless you, dear Bep.

A question for Emmy?

Hello Gloria and Kirt,

I got back from vacation last Wednesday and had a wonderful time with David Roth and his lovely wife Linda. Already miss them so much and I can´t wait to go back next year.

I did dislocate my left shoulder last Friday and it is in a sling, have an appointment with the specialist next Tuesday cause this happens every year at least once. I may need surgery they said in the hospital, not looking forward to it but if it will save me from having this pain every time so be it.

Left a message on Gerts answeringmachine but he hasn´t called me back. Is he away on vacation again? I don´t know what his last translation was, maybe you can let me know so I can go from there? If I keep my arm on the desk I will be fine I think for typing the translations.



Dear Emmy,

Thank God you’re back!

Bep and Tonny have both written in asking for more translations! The last one was October 7, I believe. Gert went to the Philippines, and he must still be there.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, and I’m sorry about your shoulder. Take good care of yourself.

I'm asking everyone to post on the forum rather than emailing me privately. I simply can't keep up. Thank you for doing so, dear Emmy.

I send you hugs and kisses.

With love and blessings,


Emy welcome back

Dear Emmy

I'm glad to hear something ..
I was worried..

I hope you will recover soon, i will pray for you

Lieve Emmy

Ik ben blij weer van je te horen, ik ging me echt bezorgd maken,
Zo te lezen, ben je nog niet helemaal oke

Zal aan je denken en je meenemen in mijn gebeden.

Love Elisabeth/Bep

A question for Emmy?

Dank je wel Bep en ik doe mijn best...... :)