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HEAVEN #1806 You Are Such a Mix October 15, 2005

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HEAVEN #1806 You Are Such a Mix October 15, 2005

God said:

You are often such a mix of owning the world and yet not belonging in it. You ride a high horse at the same time as you feel lost. You are very certain while, at the same time, you are very uncertain. You know just how things should be, and yet you are bewildered. You contradict yourself. You emit bravado, and you carry a sense of helplessness.

If you were not so sure how life should be, you would feel stronger. You are wobbly in your certainty.

Being so certain is a good way to create obstacles. If life does not meet your standards, then you are rebuffed. Then you are swimming upstream. Then you are surrounded by brambles. You manufacture dissatisfaction.

You become particular. There is a fine line between cooperating in life and accepting the status quo. There is a fine line between awareness and dissatisfaction.

You can see the foibles and not be overrun by them. Errors in life do not have to trample you. You can rise above them. You can simply come from a different vantage.

When you are on the third floor, you aren’t on the first floor. There is a different view from your window. The placement of events is the same, but your perspective is different. You are perhaps less influenced, less overcome, less swayed, more independent.

If you see mayhem, you do not say it is all right, but nor do you add to it. There is no advantage in being upset. Being upset and raising your voice don’t chase ignorance away.

We are talking about ignorance. This must be so. Who in awareness would create havoc? Who would disturb the peace unless he thought he had no choice? What is that but ignorance? A whole field of flowers is laid out before him, and yet he sees no alternative but to see undergrowth and to act rashly.

It is no virtue to be dissatisfied. It is no virtue to complain. It is no virtue to be distressed. In a flood, you seek higher water. In life, seek a higher vision. Get out of the morass. Climb a ladder. By example, you will help others climb with you.

You are My emissary. Represent Me well. Not affectedly, but well. Perceive greater, and you will personify greater. As you see, so you are. It is not necessary that you take a dim view.

There are wrongs in life. Unfairness abounds. But goodness and mercy also abound, and you will be merciful towards those who see awry. You will respond higher. You know you are not in a boxing match on Earth. You know you are not a boxer. Rather than fight so much against discordance, create concordance. Do not throw firecrackers into the fray. Look at the sun and bring some light into the arena. Open the door and let some light in.

Be glad that you are one who can find fault and not exult in it. It is not negating Truth to look for a higher road and to stay on it. Otherwise, you bemoan the past and present and don’t think well of the future either.

Perhaps you set the mood for the world. What kind of mood would you like to set? Start now.

Perhaps you are the teacher of the class. Why would you set a disgruntled mood, pointing out every digression, every slip of the pen or mouth, or will you raise the vibration of where you find yourself?

You are the teacher wherever you are. A teacher is more than a corrector. A teacher is an uplifter. What does the world need more, correction or upliftment?

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HEAVEN #1806 You Are Such a Mix October 15, 2005

this - Mr. GOD - came the right day the right place the right whatever -

thank you so much
thanks for embracing
thanks for all the supports

blessings back


I must say that when I first started meditating within, I had to learn Not to depend on my own understanding, but each & everytime when something came along that confused me, I would stop & ask God to give me the answer I was seeking.
God has Never let me down, each time I depended on an answer from Him, It was given.
This not only increased my faith but also kept me from going insane durning that period of learning.
God bless you Gloria for each letter you post .


God bless you, James, for reading every Heavenletter God gives us.

It is a great gift you give.

With love and blessings,


P.S. Yes, VeroniKA, as a teacher, this Heavenletter must have hit home. There is a Heavenletter somewhere in which God says that the subject we are to teach is love.

That certainly must be what the children are teaching us.

I just came across a poem I wrote many years ago about a student I had in junior high school. I'll transcribe it onto the computer one of these days and post under Creative Writing.

God bless you, dear one.

Love, Gloria