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Heaven #1809 Life Will Surprise You October 18, 2005

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Heaven #1809 Life Will Surprise You October 18, 2005

God said:

Too often something doesn't go right, and you think something has gone wrong. What occurred was not in your plan. You may not like what occurred. It may not have been pleasant. That doesn't guarantee it was wrong.

Consider that life is sorting itself out. Consider energy. Consider consciousness. Life is playing itself, and you don't know all the rules.

You can know that consciousness rises.

It is not necessary to be upset at a falling-out. Consider consciousness as a many-leveled thing. Consciousness is on the rise, and sometimes there is fall-out. Energy combusts. Sometimes a match is lit.
Sometimes there is combustion, and then it is over.

Not every train can ride on the same track. There are high-speed trains that must speed ahead. Other trains go on slower tracks. There need not be heartache or any kind of furor because paths have diverted. What is so terrible about that?

When something has left, either speeded up ahead of you, or slowed down behind you, let it go. Nothing happened. It was all an exercise in life.

Life is happening all the time! Be bemused. Better that than being overcome or bewildered. You are bewildered only when you try to figure life out. Truly, beloveds, you don't know what the outcome really was let alone the cause. We can say there is no outcome, simply a step along the way.

Whatever disturbs you, you don't have to be disturbed nor perturbed.
Let it go.
f life has dropped you off somewhere, it's all right. It may not have been your plan. It wasn't yours to plan, or, if it was, your plan didn't have to be followed. There is no infringement on your rights. Plans don't have to be made. Nor do they have to be followed. You can change your mind. So can someone else. In any case, life will surprise you.

Because you are surprised doesn't mean you have to be disappointed.
Forget about disappointment. You just have come to another corner along the way. No big deal. No more trying to ascertain cause and effect, right or wrong. Something simply is as it is.

Often the concept of cause -- trying to put two and two together -- is no more than mentally organizing what is. You drop a balloon from a third-floor window. The balloon bursts. Was the cause that you dropped it?
You could have dropped a handkerchief, and it would not break. Was the cause the weight of the water and the thinness of the balloon or that it had been so expanded? Was the cause the sidewalk below? Do you see what I mean? A cause is more or less your choice.

If you strike a match on the emery of a match box, it will light. If you had not struck the match, would it have lighted? Was striking the match the cause? Was the cause that you wanted to strike it? Was the cause what the match is made of? Could the match have been struck and also not have ignited? Could the match also possibly combust without its being struck? All you know is that the match lit, or it did not. In any case, seeking the cause is not the best use of your time.

Beloveds, whether the cause established in a death was an embolism or a knife wound, there is cause on other levels that have not been taken into account. Search for cause is endless. The cause of death of a body is death of the body. Understand? You can keep going around in circles. It is wiser not to. The answers don't really matter. The Truth does. Cause and effect are intellectual pursuits. Life is not meant to be an intellectual pursuit. All you can know is that something happened. And all you can do is keep going forward from wherever you happen to be now.

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