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Heaven #1808 What About the World? October 17, 2005

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Heaven #1808 What About the World? October 17, 2005

Kirt to God:

Dear God, what in this world is going on? Over the past year we've witnessed death and destruction of astronomical measure. Since yesterday, I've watched the death toll in the mid-east raise to over 20,000 due to the earthquake, and that number will undoubtedly climb substantially. 1,400 just died in Guatemala due to mudslides from Hurricane Stan. Hurricane Katrina took over 1000 lives and 226,000 perished in the Asian tsunami. All this, plus more, in less than a year!

Currently, the US government is scrambling like crazy to minimize the potential damage that the H5N1 Avian Flu poses. Some fear that this could be the next pandemic killing millions of Human Beings here very soon!

Heavenly Father, are we in the end-of-times here on Earth? If not, why is all this death and destruction happening? If this world is of the ego, then why isn't it making us feel safe?
With all that's going on, my ego is getting shaken to the core. At times, it seems I'd welcome death via disaster just to be free of the insanity of this upside-down world, then a real tragedy strikes and fear of death sets in. Another personal area that's affected by all these deaths is my decreased drive to pursue health, financial, and educational goals. For all those people listed above, every ounce of energy spent towards their personal goals vanished in a blink of an eye. I know it's detrimental to have that outlook but it's difficult to ignore the logic behind it.

One positive out of all this chaos is my drive to intensify spirituality in my life is climbing exponentially.

[A more personal comment at the end has been withheld.]

I love You,


God to Kirt:

My dear son, idyll of My heart, you keep a nugget of gold on your window sill, yet you harbor and dust off the dross wherever it happens to lie.

The world has never been what you would call a safe place. The world would put fear into you. The world has. The world operates on fear. The world is a fear-monger. It has placed fear in your mind, and you have taken it to heart. You believe, for instance, that a flu is going to get you. You believe in flu in the same way that you believe in advertising promotions.

What a press that innocent flu is getting. Before it arises, you are ready for it, hand held out.

Stay away from advertising, beloved, of all kinds. Stay away from fear. Fear has magnetic powers. By the power of fear, the world may draw what it says it would avoid. Better to avoid the fear. Better to enjoy. This is not to dance on the sorrows of the world but to lift them.

Has not war been promoted like the flu? Have not what the world calls disasters been cast into your mind? "The sky has fallen. The sky is falling. The sky will fall." This is the world's bantered song. It has ever been so.

Now you will say that these things are real. They do happen. They have happened. May I suggest that you pay mind to the astronomical numbers who are alive and well and caring for others? If you must count, then count that which you call good.

This is not burying your head in the sand. This is staying calm in the midst of life.

Keep your thoughts on peace. How can you keep your mind on peace when your attention is on war and earthquakes? It is not selfish to stay out of the fray. It is foolish to stay in it.

Consider war a communicable disease. Unless you are a doctor or nurse, stay away from disease. Beloved, war and fear are diseases. And they are communicable. They are communicated every day in the newspapers. Lives are lost and money is made. You give from your pocket, and you give from your heart and you borrow defeat.

And now We will look from another angle. Beloved son, the word tragedy does not exist in Heaven. It certainly did not arise from here. It is the world that calls death devastation. It is the world that says it is a terrible thing. Everyone in the world has been raised to believe that death is life-defying, an awful event, awkward at best, horrendous or worse, so terrible it is unbelievable. Death is unbelievable because the Human heart knows there is no death. In terms of life, the body is nothing. To you, it is everything.

You would hold on to the physical, whatever it may be and wherever it may lie. You would hang onto body and building. You would hold on to terrain and river as you wish them to be, as if that were your right, as if you were the appointed overseer of Mother Earth. You are to serve the Earth, not rule it. Listen to it. Listen to what it says to you. Not from fear of disaster but from love of creation. Creation is physical. Love creation but do not hold it in your fist.

For those whose lives on Earth are no more, for those who lost their loved ones, and for those who lost the physical and emotional structure called home, send blessing to them. Those who died did not perish. They do not bemoan a loss. They are not like you any longer. Perhaps you, all My children, can be like them - unattached. They are simply living somewhere else. They are provided for. They left Earth. That's all. They flew to where the physical body was of no further use and could only be an encumbrance.

Nothing of the Eternal changes, not in Heaven and not on Earth, but the temporal changes right and left.

The world as you see it is not eternal, nor is it meant to be. The world changes. With or without you, it changes. This is how it is. For all of those who consider themselves realists, you live in a fantasy if you believe the relative world must stay as you see it to be and say it should.

Beloved Kirt, fold your newspaper. Turn off the news. Do you think I watch it or the weather channel?

Be easy also with development of what you call the spiritual. It is a natural thing. It is not an organized effort. It does not require desperate measures. You and I and all who read this and all who don't, We are experienced in Oneness. It's what We are. It is not added to you. You are not missing it. It's just that your eye has been on the troubles of the world. Now turn your eyes to Me. Spirituality is not a learn-ed thing.
Awareness isn't learned. It is just turned to.

[God's response to personal comment has been withheld.]

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