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Maria Trivi

I present myself. I live in Italy, Milan, and unfortunately my written English is not very good, even if I understand quite well what I read. In any case, I think God knows every languages, so I’ll try to manage in this adventure.

I found Heavenletters on the Web, through an Italian site from which I receive everyday texts from channelling from everywhere.

Some days ago Gloria invited me to share my spiritual journey on the forum, so here I am and I post now the same things I wrote her. I.e. that my English is like my spiritual journey, a little bit ...hip-hop, even if, in the last time and in both fields, I accelerated...another bit. I distinguish: I understand almost all I read in English, but my reading is not so fast and, as I work all the day, the time is ever too much little.

The spiritual journey: I think I have a long way to go, but, in the same time, I think that, in this kind of things, sometimes there are a sort of enlightenments (not the BIG ONE, but the little ones, the daily, common ones, even if they are in any case very important!) which suddenly change something in our mind, something like a puzzle that settles (sorry for my macaronic English!).

In the last times I have more and more intensified my reading of several sites on Internet which publish channelling. And this is a world that opened to me. It was not a case this happened in the same period in which I had have to stop for an accident - a broken arm due to a fall - so I had many time for me. The fall too was not a case of course! I was very very tired for the job and for my familiar problems and more and more unsatisfied for my inner life.

I passed a lot of years (I am 57!) among several attempts of understanding, myself before all - psychoanalysis, psychotherapies, courses, seminars, yoga, etc. - but also intense relationships with many friends and with my relatives and people from whom I understood and understand so much! - and now I know that I have to pick up what I sown, even if the sowing never ends.

Nevertheless my principal problem is too thinking, too much of mind, which controls me. This fact, and in the same time my difficulty in surrendering - and the two things are correlated of course! - complicate my spiritual journey. This is now my ‘situation’. I know that the times are mature to accelerate this kind of process, I mean at planetary level and I’m trying to take pains.

I appreciate very much Heavneletters. I don’t know if I am able to intervene in a community forum, due to my difficult English - about 2 hours to write an e-mail is too much, isn't it? - but I can try to read the Heaven News as I read the Heavenletters, and to know the spiritual journeys of other people.

Thank you. I hope I didn’t write too much!


Dear Maria

thanks for your "journey"

you wrote you are" trying to take the pain"
but trying is always just trying -

the last days I suffered "like a dog" as we say in Germany and I got this message from a friend. May I foreward it to you? what a question! I do it - and you can take it or not
blessings to you and our all further journey


Vivekananda says, “if you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars.”

Suffering and pain is the root cause of all inventions. We can attain the highest state of spiritual excellence only after crossing the zone of suffering. The entire spectrum of scientific and spiritual enlightenment is a product of detachment and penance.

Suffering leads to pain and pain leads to suffering. Pain is diagnostic in nature. It leads us to solutions. Attempt to escape from pain is also negation of Nature’s signals and directions to Infinite Happiness.

A truly enlightened person loves and respects pain because these are the roots of their spiritual experience.

Gauthama Buddha says, "He who has recognized suffering, its cause, and its remedy has fathomed the Noble Truth. He will walk in the right path."

Ciao, Maria

I just want to let you know that if you ever need help in translating any personal or general messages, I'll be happy to help you!
I live in Ravenna and I feel great resonance with your spiritual journey. I too used to be unable to quiet my mind and I got very frustrated when I tried to meditate, but I resolved that with starting to give prayers instead of sitting there with my mind going on and on.
Love is the answer,


Ciao Paula, I find fantastic that we can reach one another (l’un l’altro, si dirà così? Mah…) in this simple way, while you live in Ravenna, I in Milan and others in USA or Germany, etc. I am amazed at the God’s paths when I think that Internet was “invented” by military research! Thanks God!
Thank you for your offer to translate, I don’t know how we could do this, but I let open your kind offer. I’m trying too to pray, during the day, when I work, when I walk, etc. Love is the answer, as you say, oh yes! I would like to tell something about this… matter, but now I’m tired, sorry, I have to sleep… La prochaine fois!
Ciao to you and to Gloria and all the Heaven peple,
:-) Maria


Dear Veronika,

thanks for your and your friend beautiful words. I'm sorry if I cannot
answer immediately, due to lack of time and to my laborious English.

Oh, and also to my difficulty to extricate myself in a forum. What a
disaster! But I continue undaunted!

Anyway your words are not new for me, I mean you are not the first
(dear) person who told me this.

I imagine that I have to work hard again and again on this matter! It is so difficult to accept and tell "welcome" to suffering and pain and problems as privileged paths to evolve! I know many things, I studied, I read, but, you know, in Italy we say: between saying and doing there is a sea! but, as I said above, I insist in my searching!

Ciao Veronika, thank you again, Maria


Dear Heaven’s people,
I would like speak here about some reflections I had reading last summer a book by Paulo Choelo, in Italian the title is “In cammino per Santiago”, is the story of a pilgrim (the same Choelo perhaps?) on the road to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Among a lot of things that the guide Petrus says to the pilgrim this one struck me:
Agape is Love which devours… Once Martin Luther King said that, when the Christ invited to love enemies, he referred to Agape. Because, according to him, ‘it is impossible that our enemies please us, those who hurt us and try to depreciate our sufferings, day after day’. But Agape is something more than simple pleasure. It is a sentiment pervading every thing, it fills every chink and allows to nullify every aggression attempt, which is transformed in dust.
(now I advise all of you who have this beautiful book in their bookcase to read in a good English the passage I tried to translate, it is almost half-book).
This concept perhaps is familiar to us who are on a spiritual journey, but when I read it this summer I had a sort of flash, because I shifted the external enemies into the internal ones and I think it is this Shadow I’m always trying to illuminate so I can love also my darker sides.
Ok, but this is the theory… Other thing is the practice! I mean both the external enemies and the internal ones are very hard to love… do you thing the same? This thing is strictly related, I think, to the judgement: you cannot love someone or something I judge BAD! my mind continuously says me. So this is the problem, the big problem! Which kind of strategies you adopt? Or you don’t adopt any strategie, you simply let it be, perhaps, you don’t think like me continually, but you simply love?... As it is clear even to me, I know the theory but I am not able to apply it.
Thank you. Love, Maria


Dear Maria,

The book you describe. How wonderful. I must look for it. We also want to place this posting of yours in the section on Books. I will ask Adrachin if he will please put it over there too.

Oh, that question of applying love. You express it so well. On the human level, it is one thing to desire to express only love, and it is another to live it. I have the same question as well.

I'm just like you, dear Maria. I think I am not as good as you.

I mutter under my breath. I have disagreements with people. I don't love everyone, and not everyone loves me. I don't want to disillusion anyone, but I'm not going to pretend either.

Despite my departures from love, when I Godwrite, and when I write here as I am right now, I am aware of tremendous love. And when I am in this place, that is all there is. If only I knew how to stay in this place.

This is all a mystery to me. How can so much beauty exist, and we're privy to it, and still we do not always take joy in life.

As an example, I love my daughter very much, yet this doesn't mean we are always golden with each other. On more than one occasion, when she has been angry with me, she has said something like this:

"How can Heavenletters ever come from YOU."

And that's a good question that I don't have the answer to.

Maria, I guess we'd better focus on the love around us, and focus on the love we give when we do and not on the missed opportunities.

Is love the same as giving happiness? God describes love very often, and I'm afraid I still haven't quite caught on.

I admire very much the people who give great love, and give it day after day.

There is a favorite book of mine, Maria, called The Hiding Place by Carrie Ten Boom. It's a true story during occupied Holland. Carrie came from a family who lived love. As I remember, they hid something like thirty people in their home during the war. Thirty or so people all at one time! That is love, to make room for thirty more people in your home and find food for them, make them welcome, be cheerful every day, and at the same time be putting yourself in danger. For Carrie's family, they didn't think twice. There was no choice for them.

Carrie had a sister who most certainly was an angel. Even in the concentration camp, her sister worried about the guards, the crueler they were the more her concern. How would they manage after the war when they were not victorious and realized what they had done? She was really at that place where her love went beyond comfort and what had been given or denied.

Before the sister's death, she told Carrie that, after the war, Carrie must help those who had been guards, for they would be lost. And Carrie did give service to them.

And meanwhile maybe the most we can do is to aspire to be love always and to remember about love as often as we can.

Thank you for your honesty, dear Maria.

God bless you.

With love,


The joy of the Lord

"The joy of the Lord" is our strength. May all your pain be champagne, and all your joys, pure joys. Feeling joy in our lives, there is literally nothing we can not accomplish. All we need to remember is that "joy" is not dependant on others or outer circustances. Just remember "joy" comes from our Creator allowing others and outer circumstances to share in our joy. Living in a state of joy allows appreciation for every person, every thing, every moment. Joy brings exactly what is wanted. Love never ends.


Right you are!
I mean, when you are right,
You are right!
All right!
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"The joy of the Lord" is our strength. May all your pain be champagne, and all your joys, pure joys. Feeling joy in our lives, there is literally nothing we can not accomplish. All we need to remember is that "joy" is not dependant on others or outer circustances. Just remember "joy" comes from our Creator allowing others and outer circumstances to share in our joy. Living in a state of joy allows appreciation for every person, every thing, every moment. Joy brings exactly what is wanted. Love never ends.

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