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The Miracle of the Rainbow

I can't seem to get peace before I tell about this miracle:
First of all, I must say that I didn't like football at all until my son started playing at the age of six. Since then I've been attending hundreds of matches and sometimes I had a hard time in trying to cope with the energy there.
A couple of weeks ago I was watching a match in a small stadium where my son's team was losing against another local team. People were getting really nervous and the opposing supporters were close to starting a fight. So, I started to send love and peace through my heart to all the situation and the things started to calm down. But I was starting to feel strained, when I realized that it was not me who was supposed to strain myself doing the work, I just needed to let God do the works through me, just let God's love flow through me. Well, as soon as I realized this and relaxed, a double rainbow appeared just above the football field and all the people were in awe and left the stadium in joy and peace.
Thankyou God,


Dear Paula,

I LOVE true stories of miracles.

A subscriber friend who used to live where I do and who is now in Florida called me last night. He, like you, Paula, is having wonderful experiences. Of all the many wonderful things he said, one stands out for me.

He said: "In every moment. we can choose resistance, or we can choose miracles."

I see you chose a miracle, Paula.

By the way, did you read the story Horizon_2Joy posted under Other Spiritual? It's another beatuiful story of a real-live miracle.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

The Miracle of the Rainbow

are the gifts of nature to us -
sometimes we get them when suffering and are in pain
it is often a little sun spot or a tiny pink orange cloud

and I like miracles as - so I think - we all do.

and may I tell you the greatest miracle till now is my relationship with my husband.

Miracle in the STadium

Paula, I just simply love your story.