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Do our thoughts and words really manifest?

These may not qualify as miracles at all, but they certainly are coincidences. These are three small examples that do make me wonder about the power of our thoughts. Mine seem to be manifesting faster. Do you have that same experience?

1. When I sent out the last Heaven News a few days ago, it stirred my own internal controversy about money. I felt trepidation at selling anything. Of course I cannot prove the connection, but the next day I received a negative email saying I should be ashamed of myself for trying to make money. Was this an objectification of my own doubt?

2. I am inundated with Heaven work to do. There are so many details to take care of besides the larger issues. I happily work long hours, but 'm not getting to putting books together etc. and all that has to be done. Anyway, the day before yesterday, I was saying to myself and probably to others: "I've got to do something about emails. I've got to stop reading and writing so many emails. I'm spending too much time on emails."

Lo and behold, the next day (yesterday) my connection went down. No internet. No sending nor receiving emails! Fortunately it went back on later. Is it really true we have to be careful what we think and what we say?

3. The response here came faster, and it was rather the opposite of what I was saying! A subscriber has written a beautiful book and she would like to stay anonymous. I told her that I understood. I had wanted that when I first started out, but thought it was necessary to be up front, that it might be more solid and grounded with a real person's name. I also pointed out how I purposely don't have my photo on the front page of Heaven's web site although most spiritual sites do. I was probably being a little prideful when I went on about how I want the focus to be God's words, not me.

What happened was that within an hour, I received an email from Lady Isis. She wrote: "Notice your pic? Been putting your picture in my newsletter this past week and it will be on the web page update for September! Love Ya! Isis"

That's fine, of course, but isn't it ironic?

What would you like to tell us about Miracles and conincidences in your life?

Do our thoughts and words really manifest?

Haa dearest Gloria,

For me at least, I am learning more and more that we DO GET WHAT WE THINK, whatever it is, and so, YES we must watch out our mind and thoughts.

This may not be the book/movie section, but for me, some of the reading I did in the past and in recent days, all point to the power of our mind and the "linearity" of our thinking, and even worst, thinking negative (don't want, should not do, etc) is not helpful since it is the "keyword" of our thought that get's picked up.
Readings such as Think and grow Rich from Napoleon Hill, The power of positive thinking by Normand Vincent Peale, The science of getting Rich and The Science of being Well by Wallace Wattles (see and, The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer, A Course in Miracles, The Golden Key by Emmet Fox and some of your own HL have shown me the power we have to use our mind, our imagination, to create the experiences we Live and get, in cooperation with God, or totally chaostically if we let our mind run free.
Movie wise, What the Bleep do we know as also brought to me the examples and knowledge that our mind can create what we want. Quantum physic and mecanics are making the gap between science and spirituallity so much tinner when it comes to looking at what power we have been Blessed with IF we decide to use it correctly.

Is this Miracles?
ABSOFRAGGINLUTLY!! (as Capt. John Sheridan would say).
We are MIRACLES WORKER, MIRACLES DOERS and living in a MIRACOULESS WORLD that God made so, and gave us the free will do to as we "think".
Miracles are not only when"special things" happen by themselves, because they never do, so our conscious and/or uncouncsious mind as to have something to do with it.


Dear Gloria,
I would say this to you. I've also read a lot of information on manifesting, and well, found a lot of it confusing. I know this. The bottom line is "Have no fear". Don't worry about every little thought. As to the insights we're all getting, no one has it all, and I really feel we're just tapping into the tip of the iceberg so to speak. There's so much more! No one is perfect, but if I were scoring , I'd give you a 95! Keep being your natural happy self. You do a lot of good here, and we all appreciate you, for having this website available for us. Thank you for being the lovely person you are. When things happen to me that seem ... not so nice, I know there's a higher reason. When I got stung by a bunch of yellow jackets last year, I was somewhat upset, until I "got" that it was simply an arthritis treatment". I didn't even know I had arthritis! I thought that was very cool. When I read stuff that starts to make me worry, there are 2 songs I think of, "Don't worry, be happy", and "I don't care what you say anymore, this is my life". These 2 always make me laugh, and put me in a good mood. Best spiritual music I know! lol All the best!


Dear Gloria,
One thing I almost forgot. Sometimes I get new interpertations of old sayings that have had the definations twisted from the original intent. . This one was really good. Sell your soul to the devil, doesn't mean anything like that at all.
Here's what I got. Sell yourself - to put yourself foreward, or put yourself out there, and the second part, to de -activate ev- il, the middle was removed. Howzat for an eye opener? So, apparently it was decided that you are going to put yourself out there more that you thought, and so your picture is now available, probably because you're ready for it to be. : ) Take care Sweetie!

My Manifesting

Last spring I was in need of an new apartment. I support myself and my 2 beautiful children on a school bus drivers salary which is not that big. We were living in a large one bedroom apartment in a wonderful neighborhood and this apartment was the answer to me prayer 3 years before. I knew then that I would be given what I needed and there it was for me!

This time around I knew that I needed to be more specific. I made out my list.
It had to be in the same school district.
It had to be in a safe neighborhood.
I desired at leat 2 bedrooms.
I wanted a patio or some space to sit outside.
I wanted a bathroom with a bathtub. For 3 years we had a shower stall and Calgon was calling me!
I wanted my own mailbox. (My previous landlord would take all the mail in and I'd get it whenever they remembered.)
It had to be affordable.

Now I put these thoughts out there. I just let them flow. I had no worry or fear that I would not be given all of these things. I did not think that I would not be given these things even though the current housing market reflected that I'm being unrealistic for the amount I could afford.

One afternoon as I was walking through the bus yard with a friend she asked if I found an apartment yet. She said, "I really HOPE you will find something." I told her, "I need not HOPE for anything. Hope to me means that I have a tiny bit of doubt that it will be given to me. I KNOW with Absolute certainty that I will get what I need, when I need it." she shook her head and said once again, I hope so. I smiled and laughed to myself.
Minutes later, we go into the drivers room. Matt, hands me a paper and say that he believes this is what I am looking for. It was the phone number for an apartment. He told me where it was and later that afternoon, I passed by and met the super. He showed me the apartment and said as long as I pass a credit check it would be mine. Two days later, before exchanging any money I had the keys in my hand. The best part was that it was $25 less a month then I was paying before! It even had a garden with daffodils starting to bloom! Everything on my list was included in the apartment.

Here was a great lesson to share with my friends and co-workers. God, in his infinite love will happily give us what we need and desire. If we give Him a list, He now has a clue as to what we want and can say, "Here it Is! Enjoy!". If we can't even know our desires, how is He going to give it to us?
Be specific. Write it down and have no worry or fear that it will not be given to you. Have absolute faith and enjoy the results of your manifesting.

Creating miracles,


Dear Gloria,
I found it a funny coincidence that both God and littlesun should give you a score of 95! It made me smile, just like your photo on Lady Isis' site: to see your face makes me feel our connection even deeper.

Talking about anonimity, I was struck by Heavenletter #1574 'Let your voice be heard' just when I had sent something out anonimously. So I changed my mind and signed the thing with my full name.

As for us creating with our thoughts, I discovered a lovely English lady who tells about bringing who we really are into the material world in a way that I find very simple, clear and enlightening. Her name is Enocia and the site is