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Hi there my name is Vicky and I am just learning how this site works I am a bit lost where do general messages go to there is so many and it`s a bit confusing
for me....

O.K. I have heard of miracles and read about them but never in a million years did I think or dream that it was going to happen to me.....and if it happend to me it can
happen to you too you see my precious friends God
loves us all the same the Bible sais that He is no respector of a person...and if He allowed me to experiance these miracles He will do it for you trust me.
He loves sinners but what He hates is the sin not the sinner He hates sin becouse He knows sin will hurt us ....
Do you get it!!!

I had things (experianced) very amazing miracles a few times and one of the best one happened to me not so
long ago...
As I went down on my knees pouring my heart out to God and told Him that despite of what was happening in
my life I told Him I still love Him...As I wept and wept
my face was drentched with tears suddenly I felt a hand
touching my right side of my cheak!!! I looked up and
Jesus stood right infront of me...I ran to the mirror looked at my face and the right side of my cheek was
totaly dry (where He touched me) and I looked at my
left side of my cheek and it was just flodded with tears...
One of the other miracles happened when I got a phone
call to come quickly to my brothers house that he got into a terrible car accedent....When I came to his place there was my brother laying on the floor in his livingroom
and there were around 15 people in the room...I wanted to pray and lay my hands on him for some reason but I felt so uncomfortable with all these people stareing at me
Little did I know that God has set all this up for a reason
I didnt know what will happen I had no idea at all the only thing I know that I was told that God has anointed my hands to lay on the sick and they will recover and my
hands were burning (as if on fire) to the point where it
My brother couldnt moove at all and the pain was so grate he couldnt turn to the left or the right he was in
terrible pain...So I laid my hands on his back and begun to pray I asked him does he feel the heat coming out of my hands he said yes....Every eye in the house al 15
people stared at me watching me....When I was done with laying hands on him and praying and took my hands
away from him AMAZING THING HAPPENED HE GOT UP AND BEGUN TO WALK....He said thank you sister I said I didnt heal you I didnt even know it will happen I said it was God not me....All the people in the room were left
speachles and one man walked up to me and asked me
if I could pray for him to be free from alcohol he told me how his life was messed up...I said shure I will pray and I did...Two weeks later he calls me on the phone studdering (was speachles) I asked him what`s up he said you wont belive this but I dont drink anymore at all...
He added God has given you golden hands that kind of made me feel a little uncomfortable....They dont get it that it was God and not me I have no power over anything only what God gives me....
That`s only some there was more miracles but what I want to tell you that you can also have a miracle when you least expect it!!!

Hugs to all Vicky(MorningStar)


Dear Morningstar,

You have been surrounded with miracles!

My understanding is that we all have been.

How marvelous that you paid attention.

I received a quote this morning. Sorry I didn't keep it. I don't remember the source, but it went something like this:

"Some of us never see a miracle. The rest see life as all miracle."

God bless you, Morningstar!

With love,



Hello and Welcome Vicky!(even if a bit late, I was gone on vacation last week)

Indeed VIcky, God uses us all the time to perform miraces around us. He cannot do it for Himself since He is in a plane way higher then us and need us to "channel" the different Miracles He brings to us!

Bless you and keep being open to God!


Just think, we live in a world of miracles.

Heavenletters is a miracle. This community forum is a miracle. We live in the midst of miracles.

And yet there is greater than miracle!

Serge, I thought what you wrote was so pure and insightful.

Vicky and Serge, let's hear more from you, okay?

Serge, you will have to stop going on vacations so we can have more of you here!

With love and blessings,