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Dearest Gloria,

we have arrived with aching legs and crying feet:)))) Our trip was beautiful and it was a real gift.

If everything is OK, I can begin to work on the "second book". The earlier I begin, the more I can take my time.

When it is OK for you, you can send me the second one via e-mail and the book-itself via post. When it is OK for you...



Translations in Turkish!

Engin, you beautiful thing! You not only finished translating the Heaven book, you are eager to go ahead and do the second one!

Now, I wish I could tell you, dear one, that there is a Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book Two, and I would send it to you to translate in a minute! Alas, so far as a published book goes, we have Book One only.

Panos has expressed an interest in publishing a complete set of Heavenletters, 20+ volumes, like the ebooks, all in progression. But that is down the road.

Santhan and the Heaven Team are working diligently on a new website which will have many advantages, one being that Heavenletters will reach more people and become well-known in the world. When that happens, there will be a greater demand for published Heaven books. Then, by all means, we will have more!

Meanwhile, will you come back to translating daily Heavenletters as often as you choose and the ones you choose for subscribers?

I wish I had a second published book to send you. I would jump at the chance, just as you are, beautiful soul.

And thank you for posting your Heavenly thoughts here where all can read. For some reason, I don't receive notices of new posts on the Translators' Corner. I do mean to go to the forum directly every day and see what marvelous postings are here, and most days I do. And sometimes life intervenes.

God bless you, dear Engin.


Dearest Gloria, I am ready for translating the rest 19 volumes.

We can publish them at the same time, in English and in Turkish, can't we?????

By the way I have already begun to translate daily letters. I sent one to Santhan.

Engin :lol:

Re: WE ARE BACK:)))))

Thanks Engin, received and sent! Welcome back.