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New French translator

Jana Ostrom, editor of the I AM A MIRACLE books, also teaches French. She has translated one Heavenletter in French, and we look forward to more. We also would love to have more translators in French and in many languages. As Heavenletters continue to grow, I hope we can have translations in every language in the world. I wonder how many there are.

Do you know that Heaven now has 18 translators?

Jana is God's answer to my

Jana is God's answer to my wish!

I don't know how many languages there are in the world- there must be hundreds of them -but french is a very fundamental european language that is spoken by millions of people around the world and I was quite disappointed,as I had confessed to our Heaven star and most industrious translator, Paula, that there was a such a void in the Heavenletters translation.

Now the void is filled thanks to God-sent Jana! I welcome her with an open hug! She's a precious gift because thanks to her translations, another flag is added and another important base is covered.

Thank you,God. You never fail to surprise me with good news.

Awesome! Another warm

Awesome! Another warm welcome to Jana. I was also wondering where Heavenletters in French were? Thanks for answering that question Glorious!

One Love