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God's opinion on "Entheogens" or Power Plants

Hi Gloria, Hi GOD!

Once more my gratitude to God and you, of course, for the opportunity to share and learn through these Divine messages.

First of all, my apologies if this is not the appropriate space but I've chosen this means to ask God through you, if this is not a captious question and it's concerned on Entheogens (vs. psychoactives) or Power Plants which are mainly used as well in religious as healing rituals by Shamans and Native Cultures in all over the world.

We have learnt that the term "Entheogens" literally means: "God within us" or "Becoming divine within" and they are used to produce an ecstasy or religious experience.

If it were possible, I would highly appreciate God's comment on this topic.


Gloria Helena

Gloria Helena

Dear One,

That is interesting, the definition of Entheogens as becoming divine within.

The only questions God answers through Heavenletters are personal questions from the heart, questions that matter deeply to your heart.

To a question such as you have posed, dear ones, God has answered:
"Why do you want to know?"

So, intellectual questions, questions from curiosity, questions that intrude on someone else -- these are all questions that don't come through Heavenletters. There may be one more kind I can't think of at this moment.

Thanks for understanding, dear one.

God's opinion on "Entheogens" or Power Plants

Dear Gloria:

Ok. Thanks for your attention.

I only tried to be myself but surely I still don't know where delimiting my heart from my mind.

Anyway, I believe that God knows very well my personal motivations.

Thanks a lot.

Gloria Helena


Dear One, it was fine to ask! And this was a fine place to do it!

Please never hesitate to ask and to say what you feel.

Be sure now.

You are doing great service to Heavenletters through your translating, and it is meant for you to be rewarded.

More Teaching and Learning...

Dearest Gloria:

Now, I'm sure our Father uses so many and diverse ways to communicate Himself with us.

I've just taken a session with the Sacred plant so-called "Ayawaska" or "Yajé" - The soul "bejuco" - upon a Shaman's guide and God, the Supreme Intelligence, has spoken to me. He has disclosed me some clear and deep Truths and He has shown me other splendid and magnificent worlds, dimmensions and ways of being and existing.

I'm a little enrapted with this inner experience...

With Love,