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HEAVEN #1795 The Confidence of Love October 4, 2005

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HEAVEN #1795 The Confidence of Love October 4, 2005

God said:

Oh, yes, beloveds, you are doing fine. Have your first thought this morning be how loved you are. You are loved from the mountain tops. You are loved from Heaven. Oh, how you are loved from Heaven.

How can anyone as loved as you feel unloved or underloved? This is truly a mistake of the intellect. You have been looking in the wrong direction, and have found yourself wanting. All you lack is the awareness of your worth. Know your worth, and there is nothing you can lack.

When you possess a gold bar, you don’t worry about a copper penny any longer.

What happens when you know how much you are loved? You stand tall, your shoulders back, and you smile. That is the way to greet the world. When you know how well you are loved, you have confidence. We are not talking here of the confidence of ego, but rather the confidence of love. These are two different stories.

Ego needs to be fed, like the monsters in stories of old. The confidence of love is easy on you. It is a stated condition that needs no appeasement. It just goes along with you as a matter of course.

Today you will know that you are loved. You will carry the confidence that accompanies love. There is no choice about that. Carry love, and you carry confidence.

What will it mean to your day that you carry confidence? Instead of fearing to open mail, or dreading what may befall today, you carry the idea that wondrous things are going to befall today. You carry the idea that life is easy, that it is readymade to fit, that it is eager to bestow gifts upon you.

Would this not be a new attitude? Love, confidence, and an uplifting attitude? With those, you set life up in an advantageous way. You are not saying that life must treat you as you wish. You are saying that you have the assurance, that you are ready and willing for life to bestow treasures upon you, not in the far-distant future, but right now. Is there a better time later? The goods of life we speak of are not stored away. They are not saved for a rainy day. They pour upon you now.

This is imminent. This is immediate. Today you will trip over treasure upon treasure. How you will laugh! How you will enjoy the treat that today is. You will not want it to end, this joyful day, this day changed simply because you looked at it as a friend rather than a foe out to get you.

You become the host of the day. You welcome the day. You greet it as a great ambassador greets. An ambassador looks for what he can do to uplift all those with whom he meets. He is an expectant host. Even when he travels into a foreign land, he does not forget that he is an ambassador and therefore a host to all those who come before him.

And so you invited your day, and you treat it right. You come from a high place of intention, so of course you welcome the day before you. You are kind to it. You give it a place of honor. You know this day is irreplaceable. There will never be another like it. There will be other days, but each one will be its own.

Consider each day like a beautiful flower that opens itself to you. As you look at it, it opens its petals, and you appreciate the miracle you are viewing. Each day each blossoming flower blossoms before your very eyes. Do you see how you have a say in your day?

What a great message!

Hey Gloria and everyone,

This was a beautiful message - a most pleasant reminder! Thanks so much for putting things back into proper perspective! :D