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HEAVEN #1796 Live Life Today October 5, 2005

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HEAVEN #1796 Live Life Today October 5, 2005

God said:
There are those who do not trust Me.

I, as an imagined separate Being, am a projection of yourself. It is yourself you do not trust.

The distrust arises because you look at a small portion of life that didn’t turn out as you thought. Certain dreams were unfulfilled. Wishes did not come true.

From your limited perception, you believe that someone or something is at fault. You believe in blame more than you believe in Me. Again We come back to this well-known yet mistaken idea of cause and effect. At the same time as you give homage to cause and effect, you believe in luck, and somehow you were not lucky in a certain situation, and you believe I let you down.

Beloveds, you do not know up from down. A minute piece of the shirt does not tell you what the whole shirt looks like. And you have had the idea that, if everything doesn’t turn out as you would most like, something is the matter. Nothing is the matter. It’s okay just the same when everything doesn’t fall into place the way you would like.

Seek elasticity more than firmness.

If one idea doesn’t work, find another.

Looking for cause and effect is a limited view. Looking for cause is living life backward. Tracing from cause to effect, or effect to cause, is cutting off your vision. What will happen to your thoughts when you no longer believe in cause and effect? Are you afraid you will feel ungrounded?

Its counterpart is As you sow, so shall ye reap. But it is not always certain that if you plant corn, that corn will grow. Sometimes it won’t due to one condition or another. It will grow somewhere but maybe not in your plot at this time. Life is not always an even exchange.

You may agree that it is good to let go of the past, and yet you hang on to cause and effect.

What is the concept of karma but an unending cycle of cause and effect? It is a nice theory but one you are better off not going by. It does not do honor to expansion of life. It is closed-circuit television.

Past lives may have existed, but you are free to transcend them. Whatever transpired once is in the past. It does not have to be in the present. It is not true that you have to have been a marauder in another life anymore than it is true that you had to be a saint.

No longer think of making up for things. There is nothing to make up for. You begin equal now in that you have your life, and it is before you, not behind you. In any case, like Lot’s wife, it behooves you to not look back.

If you were unkind in a past life, be kind now. If you were kind in a past life, be kind now. When you come down to it, what is the difference?

When you believe utterly in the past and that it is recycled, you give away your God-given power. You are quick to say that I visited misfortune upon you, but reluctant to say that I gave you great power of choice, and great power of evolution. How much can you evolve when you think it is all spin-off from the past? What drudgery it is to keep pushing the same wheel of life.

I suggest you let go of it. Be new-born today, not to expiate, not to atone, but just to be. Beloved, take a deep breath, and live life today from a new height. You are arisen.