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HEAVEN #1797 A Rare Flower October 6, 2005

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HEAVEN #1797 A Rare Flower October 6, 2005

God said:

Even if you are the only one, you must be what you are. If the whole world swims one way, and you another, you must swim your way. This is not being willful nor whimsical. I am reiterating that you must follow your heart.

Once the world was considered flat, and it was blasphemy to consider otherwise. The world changes its mind. You do not need to grab every fad that comes along any more than you have to hold on to what does not seem true to your heart. Listen to what feels true to you.

It is a loss of energy when you go along with the crowd for no other reason than to be part of the mainstream.

It is not necessary to object to how the world is going, nor is it necessary to follow along. Maybe everyone has flocked to an apple tree, while you are attracted to figs. Maybe next year it will be the reverse. Do not think of yourself as ahead of the times nor behind.

Just be who and what you are. You are not holding up a placard. You are simply making the choices that are yours to make.

There are concessions you make to the world. You drive on the right side or left side of the road according to where you happen to be. You do not start a campaign to change the regulation. You go by it.

But if you are a judge, and your heart opposes the death sentence, you cannot go against your heart and be a judge in such cases. You must find another arena to be a judge in. You cannot continually go against your heart, or you badger, batter, and barter your heart. You pay too high a price.

In your occupation, sometimes you are put in a vise. If everyone were true to their hearts, there would be no vises, beloveds.

Sometimes one sacrifices something in order to gain something else. Be careful that it is not your integrity that you sacrifice. It’s just not worth it. Nothing is worth more than love.

How much do you love yourself when you give away your birthright?

We come back to love. We always come back to love. There is nothing else to come back to. There is nothing else to leave. There is only fooling yourself, and you are not a fool. You may be foolish, but not a fool. Do not sentence yourself to be a fool, or a villain. Sentence yourself to be a lover of the great possibilities of the world, and do not forsake them.

You yourself are a great possibility. You are a rare flower blooming. You may not know the name of the flower that you are. The whole world may not have a name for you. Name yourself then, beloveds. Name yourself. Choose a beautiful name that vibrates to the tune of your heart and Mine.

You may be a rare flower blooming on a window sill. You may be a rare flower blooming in the desert. You may be a rare flower in a vase on the mantel. You may be a rare flower in a field of daisies. It doesn’t matter so much where you are. It matters the rare flower that you are.

The world is often silly in its demarcations. The world auctions you off. It doesn’t know your worth. It thinks you are easily replaceable. It does not know you are one of a kind. It does not know how much your soul weighs. But I know.

Listen to your own heart more than you listen to the world. You will be listening to Me. You will be following your will and discovering that it is Mine.