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HEAVEN #1793 Every Tree That Grows on Earth October 2, 2005

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God is always bringing us closer to Him.

HEAVEN #1793 Every Tree That Grows on Earth October 2, 2005

God said:

All rationales are excuses. There is no need for excuses. They are beside the point. Look not for alibis. You simply have not yet always revealed all that you are. Recognize and reveal.

That you were less loving or less wise yesterday is not something to groan about. It is to rejoice, for this means that today you are more loving and wiser than you were yesterday. Is this not to be glad for?

And now you see the tremendous importance of where you put your attention.

Think of all the good things you have done. Think of all the good things you will do. Think of all the privilege you have been granted in life. Avail yourself of the gifts I have given you. If you think I have left something out, then give it to yourself. Make it yours.

Every tree that grows on Earth has its purpose. No less the sapling. No less the scrub tree. No less the trees that bend than those that stand tall. No less those that are not admired than those that are. Every tree is in its rightful place, and it is here to benefit the universe. The tree helps you to breathe. The tree does not think about this. It merely grows where it is. If every tree is part of a Great Design, do you really think that you are not?

You may not know what you contribute. Whether you have the awareness of your contribution to life or not, have the awareness that you do contribute. By virtue of your being on Earth, you contribute to it. Have the intention to contribute greater. Say in your heart:

“God, I don’t know why I am here. Half the time I don’t know why anyone is here on Earth. What the game is for, what the object of it is, how to play it, are beyond my present understanding. I do know that I have no choice but to play it. I do know that You have granted me life so that I may live it and further Your will. In some way that I cannot grasp, I do something for this universe. God, give me the way to do more. I raise my hand and ask You to assign me something great and then give me the ability and means to do it. Show me the way.

“God, I know You ask me to love. I often do not succeed. How do I give more love when I feel loveless and seek for it for myself during wake and sleep?”

I answer you: Beloved child of Mine, by your intention to love, by holding that intention before you, there will be shifts in you that open the door of your heart. Your heart will become wide-open. As your heart widens, so does your vision.

You will see more opportunities to spend My love. I have given you carte blanche. I put no restrictions on you. Do you see now how your excuses are restrictions?

Restrict yourself no longer.

Restrict yourself from love and joy no longer.

You have tied your own hands. The ropes have been excuses, poor alibis for what you did not or could not do on various occasions that presented themselves. Now the more love that is called for, the more love you will give. Even in the midst of war, you will give all-encompassing love. You will give it quietly from the recesses of your heart. The love you give does not have to be noticed, any more than a tree needs to be noticed. It’s just that you have to give love. Give it in every circumstance. There is no excuse not to.