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HEAVEN #1792 There Is No Karma October 1, 2005

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HEAVEN #1792 There Is No Karma October 1, 2005

God said:

There is no excuse for anything. Excuses are haggling. Excuses are poor apologies. Excuses are not quite honest, beloveds. They are tricks of the mind.

There is no karma nor childhood or improper upbringing to use as an excuse. You are not to excuse yourself now because of anything. There is no one to blame, no matter how blameful they are according to everything you know, and everything the world knows. It may not have been right by any standard you know, but that doesn’t mean you are to justify your own position in life because of it. No matter how wrong the past was, no matter how inexcusable, it is a fence post you passed by. There is no need for your fingers to keep touching it. It is reverie now. It always was a passing thought. It is not more now.

In terms of Truth, you never were Napoleon the Great nor were you a beaten or neglected child. To keep recalling that you were, and to use it as explanation for the illusory present is no better that blaming a faulty stove for the burnt soup, nor is it worthy to blame the cook nor a timer nor yourself.

Here is the thing: Blame is not to be affixed. Not to you, not to anyone. Every day has to be a clean slate, or you deface it. Erase the graffiti from your minds. It has the effect on you that you say it has.

If you say it holds you back in life, it holds you back. If you say it makes you strong, then it makes you strong. If you say it makes life hard for you, it makes life hard for you.

Do not weigh situations and experience in terms of their apparent value. They are merely life experiences, no more, no less. They are merely passing streams. You stand on different ground now. The past is not meant to hold you back. It is meant to propel you forward. It is meant to throw you into My arms even though you have never left them.

Dear ones, it is time to throw logic away. It is truly not dependable. Life is not logical. It cannot be logical on the basis of what your mind comprehends. All the explanations of the world, all the explanations of the greatest minds are puffs of smoke from a pipe. It is time now to put the pipe away.

Life is like a taffy pull. It is something you stretch out. It keeps stretching. You can wrap it around yourself and immobilize yourself. Or you can keep pulling it straight and see how far it will go. No matter whose hands pull the taffy, the taffy can keep going. There is always more taffy to pull.

Or life is like a ball of yarn that has no beginning and no end. You can keep knitting with this yarn without fear of its running out. With this magic yarn, no stitch dropped stays dropped, and if it did, it wouldn’t matter, because your knitting needles have clicked past it now.

The yeast that life is made of has no end to its viability. Its shelf life is eternal. There are no dead ends to life.

It is not that you are to make the best of life. That implies that life is as faulty as a sock with holes in it, and that you will have to darn it again and again. The expression, making the best of life, implies that you will give it a second chance, as if it had failed and that you had really given it a first.

Beloveds, bruises can disappear in this instant. Once disappeared, where do bruises exist now except in your mind? Give all your bruises permission to leave. They are of no use to you or anyone.