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Happy to introduce a new translator!

Welcome, Yuri!

We're so happy to have you!

Santhan will add Catalan to the subscription list on the website.

Catalan is the primary language for 10 million people in the world.

Yuri, I hope you will tell us more about Catalan and about you.

Please know how thrilled we are to have you.

I am simply thrilled -- and overwhelmed -- that you and all the translators find it in your hearts to lend yourselves to serve God in this way. It is a wonderful thing.

God bless us all.

With love,


P.S. I hope everyone reads Berit's comment about how she experiences translating.

Thank You

Thamk You for welcoming Me in this way, i'm so happy for this. At this moment I get a little lost between the topics etc because is the first time i join a Forum like this but I will certainly learn how to us it because I feel your light and love.

New heavenletters will be transalted into catalan in a few days, I'm excited about this.

I just can say Thank You

Catalan ...

Hi Friends and Sisters:

As you, I also share this granDiose happening on translating in this Romantic language and what it means for the World and Manking at this lifetime.

Be welcome Yuri to this your Heaven Home.

Gloria. About how Berit experiences translating, would you mind to tell me where to find it? I would like to read it.

In lakech...

Gloria Helena