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Dear Gloria:

I know everything in your life is in Divine Order. And so it is in mine. Thank you for being part of it.

At this very moment I was translating today's Heavenletter, and a thought poped up in my mind. Right there I wanted to share it with you. It comes from the wish I have of sharing my feelings at the forum, and the fact that I am working on my English to be able to do it to my best. That is a wish you sow in my mind.

I realized that since I acquired my English through reading, there are many words that I understand in the context of what is said, but I don't have them registered in my own language the same way. For me, translation happens in terms of ideas, more than in terms of words.

Translating Heavenletters is being a good practice to find the words in Spanish that would express with precision the feelings brought up by the English ideas. It is like discovering the words of what I experience wordlessly inwards. Simultaneously, I am naming those inner wordless movements in English and Spanish. Isn't it a wondrous experience?

Thank you again, for EVERYTHING.




Dear Margarita,

you express so well what is also my experience. While I read your words, I realized that this is exactly what happens when I translate. It's as if the whole concept of the Letter flashes within me, and only then I look for the words. Of course, as God Himself says, words can never express it all, but there's a vibration hidden in Heavenletters, that arrives to everyone's heart.

I'm so happy to know a beautiful heart like you, Margarita.

Sharing ...

Hi Margarita and Paula:

I'm so glad because of this synchronization. I feel all of us share in a certain way similar moods, emotions and states of mind and heart.

Although I'm occasionally afraid of not translating adequately these precious messages, I feel totally sure at the following instant to be doing the best due to the connection with God inside myself. Instead translating Him is like if He did to me.

I love so much my Spanish language and through this honorable job, I find that it's possible to go developing our poetic sense more and more.

In Lakech... (I am You) ...

Gloria Helena

Dear Paula and Gloria Helena:

Thanks a lot for the gift of your feelings. Your sharing left me with a sense of identification. That felt great.
I actually am pretty new on this translation deal. And truly, my English is not as good as it may seem. I still work with the dictionary in my hand and take a good while till I feel satisfied with what I did.
I even have a hard time following the posting instructions and all that.
But, for sure, I am enjoying a lot translating the Heavenletters.
And I can already tell it will make a world of a difference in a short time.

PAULA: I was deliciously impressed by the fact of finding a response to my posting, aaaall the way from Italy! Amazing! Thanks a lot. I tried hard to find your email address to write to you directly, but didn't. So, I chose this way hoping you will see it.

GLORIA HELENA: To you, all my gratitude for tutoring me in this process. I feel backed up and confident at having someone to count on when I need to solve something. Thank you so very, very much!

TO YOU BOTH: I count you already among my Heaven Friends. Hope we do more exchanges and sharings yet.




Very Dear Margarita,

I am trying to translate the letters into Turkish and I share your feelings with all my heart. Yess...Sometimes I am able to sense the whole meaning of a word, yet I can not match it with the right word in my native language. But in any case, these translations are the most beautiful work:))) I have ever engaged. We are aallllllll very lucky, very very lucky....

Nowadays, I am busy with the translation of the first book of Heaven :shock:
This is another miracle which fulfills most of my desires...Can you imagine: A couple of years ago I was an ordinary bank employee who was always dreaming about a spiritual work including reading-writing-translating- , briefly including WORDS!!!!!! So I have...Besides my father, who is an auther, and my mother who is a language teacher are very very proud of me...much more than ever...

It is so nice sharing with you and I am looking forward to hearing more from you:))))))))))))))


Engin (means vast - unbounded-huuuuuuuge :lol:


Wow, you girls just blow me away! What people and translators you are. How you feel and how you think!

I too translate! Sometimes I too am not positive of the word God means!

What I find is that, if I can leave the word there, it's right. If some impulse won't let me leave it there, I have to wait and let the right word come.

I guess for all of us involved in Heavenletters, this is some kind of dream come true.

It is all a miracle. That you are here, Heavenletters are here, this forum, and God is here.

With great love and appreciation,



Oh yes, this is really a dream coming true.
I love to translate but couldn'f find the right "things" and "arguments" to translate. What other can be more beautiful than to translate God's direct love whispers ??
It's a wonderful dream coming true!