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Heaven 1723

I'm translating Heaven #1723 Seating in the Kingdom of God, and there's this phrase I can't quite figure out:

You are not a turtle to make snap judgments.

Has it got some special meaning?


Snap Judgments

This sentence is quite illusive, Paula. I find it's a little hard for me to get it too now that I look at it.

You know what a snap judgement is? Quick to make a judgment, quick to dismiss something or judge it unworthy.

The connection between turtle is what is so illusive. There are snap turtles, and I guess they are quick to snap. That's the only connection I can see, dear one.

I think it would be fine to simply translate as if it had said: Don't make snap judgments.

I sure appreciate the conscientiousness of all the translators.

Never hesitate.

Heaven 1723

Thank you, Gloria.

I love it when you don't know what you have written: this means it really isn't your work, you are 'only' a channel, a pure channel.