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Reg HL#1790 The Light You See

Dearest Gloria,

What a wonder....Today was my Birthday
and this HL is like a Birthday Gift from
God..Totally Resonates with me.....
Feels like it was written just for me...
Thank you God and Gloria.

I Loved this sentence:

The light from the sun and the stars is amazing,yet it is lesser light than yours. Begin to have an idea how bright your light is.

Love and Joy,

Reg HL#1790 The Light You See

Dear Shahid,

And this Heavenletter must have been written for you and designed to appear today on your birthday!

Can it be another year already?

Yours is a birthday to celebrate, my friend. And how does your esteemed family celebrate this anniversary of your birth?

God bless you.

Happy happy birthday!

With all my love, Gloria

Reg HL#1790 The Light You See

Happy belated birthday Shahid........ :)


Reg HL#1790 The Light You See

Thank you Gloria and Emmy for wishing me.
Very Sweet of you both.


HL#1790 The Light You See

:shock: Something or someone lead me to read this message from Shahid and I couldn't believe my eyes: September 29 is also my birthday, and I received HL 1790 'The Light You See' as a gift and was about to mention it to Gloria.
Sept. 29th is the day of all the Arcangels here in Italy and especially dedicated to Arcangel Michael. I've always felt it was a special date for special people.
Shahid, I don't know if you ever read Marlo Morgan's first book ('Two hearts' in Italian; I don't know the original title) but if you didn't, I reccomend you to read it, and wait for the surprise...
Happy Birthday to both of us.
Paula :D :D

Reg HL#1790 The Light You See

Dear Paula,

Amazing..Your Birthday is on Sept 29 too..
Ha ha.....That makes two of us!!!

I was searching on the net if there is
anything special abt Sept 29 on my
Birthday but couldnt find anything
and just forgot abt it.So,I was
Very happy when I read what you
wrote..that it is dedicated to Arcangel Michael,

Marlo Morgan's Book...Nope,I havent read it.
Let me see if I can get it at my library.

Happy Birthday to YOU again!!!

Love and Joy,