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HEAVEN # 1617 A Surprise of Joy

Dear God,

I would like to ask You about Joy. There seems to be a division in my mind between Spiritual Joy and earthly joy. I explain with an example: Last Saturday I translated Your message about Joy for Heavenletters and I made the intent to see joy in everything. On Sunday I was watching my son play a football match with his team, and he was playing really well and scored a fabulous goal and all the people were cheering and applauding him. And I felt great pride and overwhelming joy! But at the same time I felt I was somehow trying to limit this joy, because I felt that it could be a joy of the ego. And I also felt the old pattern of fearing a punishment after such great joy. - God, it seems to me that the spiritual joy is something serious and the earthly joy is transitory. So, how can I experience 'real' joy? Is it Your will for us to have joy for the worldly things? Is joy just joy?

I am grateful to You, God, for all the joy You give me and for Your answer.

With Love,



Dear Paula,

You may be sure I will post God's answer.

For those who might want to know which Heavenletter, it is #1617, A Surpise of Joy, April 9, 2005.

I think many of us share this dichotomy between the relative and the spiritual. I know I do. Often I do not begin to know how to reconcile the two.

Meanwhile, I would love to hear other people's responses to your question.

Thank you for your question, and thank you for posting it.

Does everyone see how this doesn't count as a personal question but rather is a universal question?

With love and blessings,



God to Paula:

Beloved, I understand your question very well.

Many in life have learned that to have joy is somehow off-track, a diversion from life, that it is not serious, perhaps childish, that as an adult, you are to work hard rather than play, that play is for children and perhaps frivolous. With this in mind, there is a tendency to paste guilt onto joy, as if joy were forbidden, not meritorious, actually unworthy, a little bit like stolen candy, like trimming, nonessential, an extravagance. Many have been taught and learned that seriousness is better than joy, that joy is misbegotten, perhaps silly, that it really is more divine to suffer than to have joy.

Sacrifice has been expounded, as if sacrifice were more worthy than joy. I will tell you without equivocation that sacrifice is not worthy at all. It is not My will that you give up joy. It is My will that you find joy. Imagine if as a child, your hands had been slapped when you were not joyful, and you were rewarded when you looked out the window and your heart was happy.

Guilt is a poor foundling. You are not to feel guilty when you have joy any more than you are to feel guilty when you do not.

Bear in mind that joy is ethical, that you deserve joy, and that you are supposed to have it. Joy in the relative world is worthy. It is not to be sneered at. Joy spreads. Your son’s joy in the game spread to all, including you. Appreciate joy, beloved. You were enjoying, and then your intellect clicked in.

The intellect is not your friend when it would block joy, as if joy were shady, a subterranean activity, underhanded, beneath you, as if joy were not legit, as if joy were indulgence rather than joy. You were experiencing pure joy. All the mothers were experiencing joy at your son’s feats. Why shouldn’t you, Paula? Why shouldn’t you?

It seems to Me that it would be great ego to deny yourself joy, as if you would have a higher stature without joy than with. It’s fine to be an ordinary mother in the stands who cheers her son.

Take all the samples of worldly joy you find. Enjoy joy. Revel in it. Let joy be spontaneous.

Worldly joy is occasioned by events or thoughts.

Spiritual joy is like the underground stream. It is gurgling and flowing all the time, whether it is seen or not. Spiritual joy – joy without occasion – requires being noticed, that’s all. You are not better for noticing it. It is simply nice to notice it, to feel it, to know it is yours and that you are entitled to it. You are not less when you do not notice this inner joy. You are just less joyful.

When this inner joy reaches you, when you dip into it, the rocks and boulders of daily life, aren’t so horrendous. They become like pebbles in the stream that the water flows over effortlessly. The pebbles are just there, and they do not block the stream. So, there is spiritual joy for itself, and also what it spares you from.

You are not given a report card on your spiritual joy. You are not given A’s nor F’s. Spiritual joy – joy that rises from itself rather than outer events – is yours to have, but it is not an assignment or obligation. I would that you have joy at all times in all circumstances. The relative world does not give this to you. The inner joy is there so you may have it. You can get used to it. Know that joy does not compete with itself. Worldly or spiritual, joy is joy, and be glad. Above all, eschew guilt. I forbid guilt. It is a sneak thief. Joy, on the other hand, is King.

I give you permission to have joy. I encourage it. The vibration of joy does much good for the world. Be an exponent of joy.

Does it go without saying that stimulants and drugs are not joyful? that hurting others is not joyful, that causing havoc is not joyful. Twisted joy is not joyful. Joy creates joy, and there is no penalty later.

It is with joy that I speak to you. You are My joy. Let Me also be yours. I am the Father of joy, and I bequeath it to you. I created you love, and I created you joy. Do not deny joy nor love to anyone, least of all to yourself.

And now I pour down love upon you. I am the ultimate Giver of Joy, and I give abundant joy unto you. Swim in it.

Question about Joy

Thankyou God and thankyou Gloria!
Thankyou for the permission to be an ordinary mother. Thankyou for letting me see, once again, how tricky the ego and the mind can be. Yes, You are right: I unconsciously thought that 'I would have a higher stature without joy than with'. And I promise You I will not feel guilty about this.

And I was experiencing pure joy. Perhaps, that's what frightened me. I could feel it going on all through the night with a profound connection to the Spirit, while I'm aware that I was afraid that a 'worldly joy' could make me forget You. But I should have known that nothing can move me away from You, because You are experiencing the joy through me. Yes, I let You be my joy.

Thankyou also for the miracle of the rainbow.
With love,