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An Awareness So Brilliant

I like to share with everyone the following extra precious Heavenletter, which i received from Gloria today, because i brought up to her the question by some of my friends, who could not really understand how it's possible to talk to GOD.

It seems in many minds the reality of God Almighty is more understood in terms of an unmanifest, omnipresent, infinite source of light, energy and intelligence, rather than also as a 'personal' God, with form and certain attributes - somewhere on the top of creation.

First i like you to read a brief comment of a contact person with whom i'm sometimes sharing Heavenletters:

"If your saying god is jesus or christ or whatever his name is, then sure, but if your saying god is his father, then you cant talk to god, because god is the head of all the universes and IS all the universes, so ergo we are all god.

so yes if you talk to yourself your talking to god, but you cant exactly have a conversation or get a messege from him/her/it, apparently the boss of this universe is christ, sure people MAY be able to talk to him, but he is certainly not GOD, he is Creator God, there is a difference. but hey you all have your view, im not here to change it, in fact its to my benefit that you dont change it then it remains my view"

...more views are welcome!
horizon :)


An Awareness So Brilliant

God said:

What if it is true? That I am really contained in everything around you. What if I am really in every object and every picture of every object. What if I am really in you? If I am in everything you look at, I am contained in you who is the looker as well.

What if there is actually nothing out there for you to look at, and it is your own reflection you see through your eyes? What if everything is you?

What if you are out there and in there? You are the inside that can also be seen outside? What if you could look within and see the heart and soul of you and find Me there?

What if everything out there and in there is Myself? What if it is I Who plays all the parts? But I became so enamored of one part or another, that I began to think the part was who I was. What if I bought into My own performance?

Can that be? Can you be MySelf in other garb? And all else you have thought but fantasy?

If this be the case, what would it mean, and what would it mean to you?

It is mind-boggling, isn't it?

But it is not heart-boggling at all.

The mind cannot comprehend what the heart has always known.

You are not the mere player on the stage.

There was a story behind you that you had forgotten.

You forgot your eminence.

You thought the little stage and your little strutting and fumbling were the extent of you.

What if you are really I but in a contracted form? If that could be the case, what is there for you to do but expand to My size?

What if your heart expanded beyond its so-called boundaries and blended with Mine, the Original Heart? What would your life be like then?

What if you really knew your Heritage and threw off your disguises? What if you threw off that little impersonator ego, and claimed Reality and dared to be the greatness that is the truth of you rather than the smallness of you that the world perpetrated upon you and you perpetrated upon yourself.

What makes it so hard for you to even think about the Reality of you? It is easier for you to scoff at the idea of greatness in you than to let in the possibility of the greatness you are.

Then you ask yourself:

"Well, if this could really be true, and I am more than I ever even allowed myself to contemplate, what difference would it make? What would it be like? What would I be like? Would I rise out of the ashes of my present life? Would I have a different name and move to a different house? What would it mean in actuality?"

You would say further:

"I know I would wear the same body. My walk would be the same. I would still wear the same shoes. I would keep my same family. At least I could not change who they are and what my past has been. Where would I start from?"

Then you turn to Me, and ask:

"Dear Father, my Father, if this were the case that I can be more of what You say, that I can be more of You, tell me what that would look like. What would my first action be? Father, I am willing to be all that you desire for me, but I don't know how to do it even if I really believed it could be done. Would I become Christ? How would I change? What would be changed?"

When you know in your bones the magnitude of you, your whole stance in life would change. In one moment, your eyes would see differently. Your heart would peal differently. The whole world would be changed in your eyes that look upon it, and therefore it would be changed.

You would not become Christ. You are Christ. It was you who walked the earth and seemingly healed those who desired it.

When you come to the truth of you, you would regain your former sight. You would not save people, because you would know you cannot save what is already safe in My arms. You would not heal people. You would see health, and that would be termed healing. Christ did nothing but walk the earth.

You would have an awareness so brilliant that you could only see truth.

You would not have to make changes in yourself. You would be lit, that's all. And light lights.

Christ saw a world different from what others saw. That is all. He knew My light everywhere. He was never fooled. His torturers could not fool him. He knew who they were even though they did not.

Just as I know the truth of you, he knew the same. He planted his heart in yours, and asked nothing but that you know it.

Begin to know the possibility of you. There is no action for you to take. There is nothing for you to become.

Just let the truth sink in, and truth will rise.

We will continue this later.

We are all whole and complete just as we are.

I shall comment on this paragraph:
"When you come to the truth of you, you would regain your former sight. You would not save people, because you would know you cannot save what is already safe in My arms. You would not heal people. You would see health, and that would be termed healing. Christ did nothing but walk the earth."

We are all whole and complete just as we are. We just do not experience it as we've taken on beliefs of separation; separation from God, separation of the masculine from the feminine within and without, separation even from beloved as she/he is "different", from others, etc...

My work as a channel for healing is just that, staying focused on their perfection such that they are willing to notice, recognize, embrace and release those beliefs held in body that has them perceive something other than that perfection. They and their GodSelf does the healing. Notice I hold no difference between them and their GodSelf.

Blessings Be