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Spiirtual Cinema Circle

A brainchild of Stephen Simon (producer of "What Dreams May Come"). we subscribe to this and it is really wonderful to receive a DVD with these special Indy movies each month. Very inexpensive to subscribe and you KEEP the DVDs. There is nothing else like this home format so far. You would otherwise have to travel the globe frequenting Indy film places to see all these:)

Spiritual Circle Cinema!

Thank you so much, Stareagle, for telling us about this opportunity. There are certainly some movies listed here that I want to see. The line-up of choices here is really very exciting.

Which ones have you seen? And which ones do you especially like?

Blessings and love, Gloria

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Gosh, I really can't recall the individual titles, as there are so many. When you subscribe you get a DVD with one full-length movie and about 3 short ones. We have rarely NOT enjoyed what has been sent to us, and my husband and I are pretty "picky" as to what we choose to put into our brain through the electronic media.

I do know that we enjoyed "Indigo" produced and basically created from scratch my The Oregon Three-some: Steven Simon, James Twyman and the Conversations-with-God guy whose name I never seem to be able to retain!

But we originally saw this movie's world-debut when we lived in Santa Fe. Most of the main cast attended, including the "Indigo" girl, as well as the Three-some. Shirely MacLaine was in the audience with her little dog. It was quite an event.