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If I had to choose a favorite TV program, it would be Adoption Stories on the Discovery Health Channel.

I always love true stories, and here are some of the most magnficent I have ever seen. Ordinary-seeming people go to great lengths to find a child to give their love to. I do not know where such big hearts come from. You certainly can't tell by looking at the people that they are so expanded.

I have seen people go to Russia, Ethiopia, South America to adopt children. The process is not made easy for them. I have seen open adoptions in the United States where the adoptive mother's heart breaks for the birth mother and the pain of separation she is going through. I have seen people whose families are already grown choose to raise another family. I have seen people adopt sick children. I have seen all the happiness they give to the children they adopt and all the happiness the children bring to them. I have seen whole neighborhoods waiting for the new child to arrive.

Today I saw a family who over the years had adopted four young children from Guatemala and now adopted a thirteen-year old girl.

If you want to see love in action, Adoption Stories is the TV Show to see.

What is a program that you like?


Usually the news once in the evening but I also love to watch soccer when the Dutch national team plays, and they are doing good again :D

Now also have to watch the World Championships Baseball here in Holland since our Nationial team went to the quarter finals..... : :D