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HEAVEN #2212 Free Choice for All December 13, 2006 Athens

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HEAVEN #2212 Free Choice for All December 13, 2006 Athens

God said:

Be content with yourself. It is enough that I know who you are. I will work My way through you no matter how entangled you may think you are. I will wend My way through everyone.

No one on Earth, no matter how angelic and evolved, has to take it upon himself to educate you nor show you a path. I am well capable. Leave these things to Me. There is a Greater Power, beloved, and that Greater Power is not dependent upon any beliefs you may have. It is not dependent on you or anyone. It is dependent on Me.

All are equal in My eyes. No one needs to take over My place. Make room for Me. Have trust in Me. Truly, you serve Me, but My service is not dependent on you nor your assistance. Leave a sense of responsibility for others to Me. You are not one who saves souls. That’s my job. No souls are lost in the first place, so none need to be saved.

Everything is free choice, beloveds. I gave free will. If I can give free will, surely you can. Letting go of control is essential. Control makes you tired, beloveds. There is no battle to fight, no battle to win. Let there be no battle. Have trust in Me. Have trust in outcomes. You have to trust. You cannot presently see far enough. You can only see so far. Your vision cannot see all.

Nor is your heart to be dismayed because someone does not avail themselves of your love and wisdom. Never mind, they have Mine. I am never dismayed. I do not weep. I see where all travel. They travel to Me. However they come, it’s good. If they come by donkey or jet plane, it’s all well and good. Haste is not needed. You see emergencies, but I do not.

See Me at work even where there is apparent lack. Some will lag behind you. That is no concern of yours. Have no concern for another. No one has to do anything you want. No one has to do what you see as right nor not do what you see as wrong. You are not meant to be a supervisor on Earth. Because you shine My light doesn’t mean others have to follow your light.

Consider that everyone has his own spotlight of love with Me. You have yours. Everyone else has theirs. Be content that this is so. Do what you are doing, and allow others to do what they are doing. It is time now to let go of others. Free all others to their own path. Do not think theirs is a lesser path because you go a different way. What you see as a detour may be another’s optimum direction. Beloveds, you cannot presume to know what is right or best for another. You may think you do, but you cannot know.

It is better not to intervene in another’s evolution. Let someone else’s evolution strictly be between them and Me. Do not get up on your high horse when it comes to another’s evolution. You may like to ride a swift white steed. Someone else may like to ride on a pony. It is no concern of yours, beloved.

Hands off. Let someone come to you and ask for your assistance before you offer. Oblige those who come to you. Let them come as they will. You wait for an invitation before you go to someone’s house for dinner. Because they invite, doesn’t mean you have to go. So give the same privilege to those you invite.

Embolden others to go their way. Bless them on their journey. Trust that no matter how they come to Me, they will come.

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re:Free Choice For All

before my reply, i just want to say....ohhh to be in Greece....i hope and am sure it's being enjoyed to the, as far as this particular and all heavenletters person, place or thing has ever brought me back to my peace moreso than this heavenletter does/these heavenletters do...and the beautiful thing is that the heavenletters allow for me to truly "attain" my peace from all people, places and things by reminding of the inherent love within everyone and everything...such grace and beauty, truth and love...i just can't describe the blessing that i've received in words....though the word perfect or perfection comes to mind...mike

HEAVEN #2212 Free Choice for All December 13, 2006 Athens

It seems that with the last two Heavenletters God wants to give a slap in the face of spiritual pride.

HEAVEN #2212 Free Choice for All December 13, 2006 Athens

Dear Paola,
I perfectly agree with you!! I find this heavenletter so very necessary, so important and so beautiful (but then... all heavenletters are wonderful!).

HEAVEN #2212 Free Choice for All December 13, 2006 Athens

I find this very comforting. It's enough that we just 'be', whatever we want to.