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HEAVEN #2213 From the Loveliness of Your Heart. December 14,

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HEAVEN #2213 From the Loveliness of Your Heart. December 14, 2006 Athens

God said:

From the loveliness of your heart, I emerge. You are surrounded with Me, beloveds. You are merged with Me. I alone am. I am the heart of you. Take My love, ,I flood you with it. I immerse you in it. Truth be known, you drown in my love. You drink in the water of My love. This is the breath of life. Air is of no consequence when it comes to love.

And yet, each physical breath you take is My breath. You breathe Me in and out, even though there is no in nor out. There is one breath. We can say that I breathe you in and out. You are My inhale and exhale. You are the beloved breath I breathe.

I am your reason for Being, and you are My reason for Being. But look not for reason. Look for love. Look for its Origin. Look for its flow. Handed from one to another, My love is rampant on Earth.

Love is an opener. Anything less than love, anything less-seeming than love, closes, restricts, defames love. Anger is love contracted, yet still love abides. What is a little anger next to love? Love is the only thing that lasts. Your very Being is love. My Name is Love, and so is yours.

The only happiness in the world is love. The only gift is love. The only love is giving. It is a sharing of My Will.

You who have been so richly rewarded can only reward. You cannot stint with love. Love consumes. Love overtakes. Love surmounts all obstacles. Love is a floodgate that opens the world to itself. My love is vast, and so is yours.

There is no corner of the world where your love does not reach. Love is boundless. Let your love reach those who need your great love. Named or nameless, they require your attention of love. There is nothing else in the world that you have to do but to love. Love mercilessly. Love without reason. Love for all you are worth, and that is a great deal. The gold of love reigns. It is the only lasting. Love is permanently etched in your heart.

People come and go, and love continues. No drop of love is ever wasted. Spill it all over, and it doesn’t matter. If it evaporates, it has moved along. Love is never ended. Love started creation, and love maintains it. Love spreads itself everywhere.

Love is a demolisher of foes. Love is a survivor. Love is the sea you are sailing on. There is no other. If I am love, you are love. You may think you are a leaky boat. In that case, love seeps into you. Do not bail it out. Let it run through your fingers and your heart. Let it become the mainstream of your life.

When you wake up in the morning, after you think of Me and the gift of this day that I have poured on you, then think of what love you can give. What love can you give in an unsuspected place? What love can you ascribe to? What love, beloveds, can you give to yourself?

Fill your pockets with love. Then love will go wherever you go. Fill the coffers of the world with love. Love is an intention, beloveds. Have the intention to love. Have the intention that your love is so great that you can only share it. Love is like ten boxes of chocolate that you love to share. Yes, love to share love. Reflect love from your eyes. Let it penetrate the eyes of others. Let your love cement love in the world. Even a trowelful of love is love. A teaspoonful of love is love. Only love is love, and you have enough to swim in and to splash.

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