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HEAVEN #2215 Your Evolution December 16, 2006

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HEAVEN #2215 Your Evolution December 16, 2006 (Written in Athens when I was still there)

God said:

When you run around, dash here and there, race madly, you are skirting some issues. Yet who said you have to look these issues in the eye? Perhaps they are issues you don’t need to look at. Yet you don’t have to run around them either. You don’t have to run in circles around yourself. You can take yourself in to your life. Take yourself in as you would a stray dog who longs for a hearth to lie down on.

Focus is good, yet you don’t have to focus every moment. You don’t have to avoid either. You don’t have to battle whatever it is, You don’t have to dodge around it. Faced or unfaced, it doesn’t have to overshadow you. You don’t have to fight every battle. You don’t have to be a warrior. You don’t have to reinforce yourself in armor. Do not draw conclusions about yourself. Drawing conclusions is drawing lines around yourself. Be unbounded. It doesn’t take more energy to be unbounded. It takes less. It has taken much of your energy to hem yourself in, wrapping strings around yourself, perhaps abolishing opportunities to move forward.

What does this mean, to move forward? It means you don’t have to camp where you are now. You do not have to be entrenched,. Your ideas do not have to be entrenched. They don’t always have to fill some prerequisites. Your ideas can be what they happen to be. Do not strap them in. Don’t make them be something they’re not. Let them be what they are. That is how to raise your thinking, beloveds. You change your perception through perception. You don’t have to rigorously change your perception. Have the idea to go in a more favorable direction.

You are not joining the army. You are not admonishing your free will. You are not forcing yourself to fit in a square or a circle. If you like the circle, go sit in it. You don’t have to sit in the circle because it is a recommended thing to do. Your will is free.

You can leap forward in your evolution. But you don’t have to push yourself to move forward. Do you see the difference, beloveds? Consider that your evolution sneaks up on you. It likes to take you by surprise. It likes to tease you, run in your life, go to a corner and then jump out at you.

Evolution is effortless, beloveds. It is not by control that you enter Heaven. It is not by restriction that you enter Heaven. Is not control restriction? You don’t have to be better than you are. You don’t have to be better than someone else nor wiser nor taller nor handsomer than you are. You just have to be what you are.

No one can tell you what you are. They can tell you until they are blue in the face, but your evolution is not a question of advice. Your evolution is not a sequence that you can map out. It is not a school of study. Your evolution takes its own course. Just like history does. It cannot be clamped down. We are talking about your history, beloveds, and you are vibrant and alive. You are not a theory. You are My child I love. So love and be loved, and your love does not have to have a name. It does not have to fit under a heading. It does not have to be identifiable. It just has to be the love it is where it is and how it is. Aim for love, but do not don robes of love, beloveds, as if love were something you had to put on.

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