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Thank God

Dear God,
Thank you for your daily wisdom.

Thank for this life and it's creations.

Thank you for all the masters and the angles.

May your divine grace and blessings shower upon us!

May we be humble and kind to each other!

May we be non judgmental and respectful to each other!

May we be in unconditional love and care for each other!

May we see the divine and divinity in each other!

May we allow fear to soften and melt away!

May we release all the regrets and resentments!

May we hear the voice of wisdom and act with trust!

May love flow through us and we be in love all the time!

Thank God

thank you for posting

it is the day of gratitude

is it necessary to have a spedial day for gratitude?

gratitude is a way of being....

every breath in is gratitude
every breath out is gratitude...


Thank God

Dear Jayesh,

thank you for this most beautiful prayer!
Indeed it should be a daily prayer / reminder
helping us through our many daily things which
we have to see to and take care of.
Many thanks again, it's really beautiful!