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Beloved Jesus - The Way of Initiations...

The Way of Initiations that I teach is the Way of total surrender before God's Will, of self-renunciation and self-sacrifice

Beloved Jesus, May 22, 2005

I AM Jesus, your older brother and mentor, who have come through this messenger.

I AM have come to offer an eternal talk, which will be essential to you until the time you put on a wedding gown and arise to the Light. Until that time comes, you will be preoccupied, in your conscious mind, by separating that, which is eternal, from that, which is temporary; that, which belongs to the Higher World, from that, which belongs to the world that passes.

Your reality wraps you in a fog of illusion and distracts you from the work, which you were destined to do. Yet, regardless of how long will you wonder in the world of illusion, sooner or later your wondering will come to an end. Many dedicated seekers of the Truth have been mistaken in thinking that on the Way Home they should be in states of constant bliss and love. This is true, but only to the extent that it can be true when applied to your world. The state of bliss, happiness, love and conciliation are the signs that you are on the right Way and that you have chosen the right path. However, in your world you will not be able to constantly keep a balanced spiritual state. And today, my goal is to give you some instructions and warn you about some possible inferior states of mind, which you may encounter on your Way. Such states of mind do not always serve as evidence that you have departed from the Way. What you absolutely need to do, along the entire Path, is to constantly analyse and be fully aware of your various states of mind.

Imagine that you have begun your Way when the sun was shining and there was no wind and everything was fragrant and blooming. You may consider this to be a right sign along your Way. And, suddenly, some clouds start to appear, the wind rises and you hear the roar of thunder. Nonetheless, all of this may not necessarily indicate that you have departed from the Way. You are still moving in the appropriate direction, despite the fact that the outside conditions have changed and that your mood has worsen along with the weather.

Likewise, you may experience the highest spiritual states in your life. You may be at the peak of bliss. And, suddenly, your state may deteriorate, for no obvious reason. Without any cause, you may feel sudden depression, despair, feeling of uselessness of your existence and lack of faith. Not always, my beloved ones, such states of mind signal that you have departed from the Way. They may simply indicate arrival of the time, when you are being subjected to various tests and trials. You have heard of Mystery Schools of Lord Maitreya and you have heard of Schools of Initiations which have always existed. If the path to God was only made of constant states of bliss and grace, then why would one need these Schools of Initiations? And why would one need Initiations at all?

There are two beings inside of you. One is mortal and the other - immortal. And these two beings got so entangled during many millions of years of their existence on the planet Earth that separating them from one another requires considerable efforts. One of them must stay on Earth and return to the Earth, which he has been taken from. The other must continue its existence in another, Higher plane of Reality.

And when you begin the process of separation of these two beings within you, the process which takes place, above all, in your conscious mind, you start experiencing great difficulties in achieving such separation. You, literally, have to cut through the flesh. You have developed the habit of identifying yourself with the person whom you see in the mirror. In reality, all stages of initiation, which you are going through, are designed to help you to stop your self-identification with your reflection in the mirror. Thus, there is a saying: "If you want to see your enemy, get closer to a mirror and have a look at him."

In reality, all that you have, for many lives, associated your individuality with is, in fact, not yourself, but rather, it is that part of yourself, which you must renounce and which you have to stop identifying yourself with.

And the part of you, which resists the process of mastering your new identity, will rise from within you, from your unconscious and subconscious self and protest. In your exterior consciousness you may not fully understand the reason of your sorrow and despair, the reason of deep depression and hopelessness you suffer from.

It is extremely difficult to analyse which energies have been activated in your lower bodies, in association with a given cosmic period. Yet, these energies represent an unreal part of yourself. And an essential outcome of any test, my beloved ones, is to recall that you are merely disciples on the Path, and that you are having yet another exam. And, regardless of how real you perceive a certain state of your mind; you must always remember that it is simply a test. And, more you oppose, in your exterior consciousness, a departure of the energy that has been activated inside you; more prolonged and protracted will be your test.

The most advanced disciples always remember that God has the right to test them and to subject them to, what seems to be, unbearable states of mind. And in the moment of extreme tension, when it seems that the sun will never shine again, they approach the altar and say in their hearts: "Lord, I know that my present state of mind is not real. I know, Lord, that this is only a test. I am ready, Lord, to endure all trials, that you are sending my way. I will try to do so. You have the right to subject me to any examination, Lord. And I am grateful for all the tests that you have given me, because I know that You love me and care about me. Lord, please help me to endure this trial until its successful completion."

All trials are designed to test one single quality - ability to leave behind the unreal part of yourself, especially within your conscious mind.

Thanks to infinite mercy of Heaven, you have a chance to be implicated in trials, tests and examinations in your everyday life. You may continue to live as usual, yet, if, within your inner self, you have expressed a wish to be subjected to trails, you will receive such a chance. This will happen, regardless of whether or not in your external consciousness you are aware of your request.

I have come today to explain the cause of your ungrounded somber states of mind, as well as various psychological problems, which some of you are suffering from.

Yes, my beloved ones, you have chosen to be instructed in a School of Initiations, while living your everyday life. You have chosen an accelerated Path. Your soul has expressed a desire to go through initiations in this life, so that you do not have to wait until your next embodiment or until materialization of more suitable circumstances, such as to be a member of a Mystery School, somewhere, in silence and peace, faraway from highways of modern civilization.

The Way of Initiations that I teach is the Way of the Rose which all of you must go through. I know of no other Way. Separating the real part of yourself from the unreal part of yourself is always accompanied by very painful and unpleasant emotional states. And gravity and duration of such states depends on the degree of resistance that the unreal part of yourself reveals in the process of separation. Everything, my beloved ones, will depend on the power of your ego.

You know that I spent 40 days in the desert to successfully leave the unreal part of myself behind. However, you know that my service, transfiguration, crucifixion, resurrection and ascending took place after that. As long as you live on the physical plane of the planet Earth, you will constantly be subjected to trials and tests. And, even if you succeed in parting with the unreal portion of yourself, you will not be able to simply wave goodbye to the rest of the humanity and to hide in a cushy place somewhere in the Heaven. Do not hope, my beloved ones, that with your ascending your growth, your struggle, your labour and your responsibilities will come to an end. On the contrary, everything will just begin. And, the bigger your abilities are the bigger work load will you accept and the bigger service to humanity will you perform. You must come to love the labour. You must come to love the service.

And the highest manifestation of your Love will be the compassion for all humanity, for all living beings and you will be ready to sacrifice yourself for the sake of human salvation. You will be ready to sacrifice all of your time, all of your achievements and all of your bodies.

The Way of Initiations that I teach is the Way of total surrender before God's Will, of self-renunciation and self-sacrifice.

There is no other Way, my beloved ones, and our goal is to direct you on this Path and to offer you all necessary help.

I AM Jesus, and I have been addressing you from the highest point of Love, directed towards each of you.

© Messenger is Tatyana Mickushina
Translator is Larissa Nossalik