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Bless Your Solitude and Attract One Companionship


By: Sally Neilson
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Vol. 15, part 38 November 19, 2006

Beloved, I am with you in spirit and in grace and bring you the warmth of the Central Sun. I bring you joy and peace and the love and understanding of the day ahead. I bring you hope for the future and knowledge of that which has gone before. I bring you understanding and contentment for the tranquility that you are so much in need of during these trying times. I remain steadfast during the times of trouble and woe and full of energy when the body no longer can withstand the duties that are placed upon it.

We, Vesta and I Helios, come to you today to wish you the blessings of the God/Goddess as you enter into the times of Thanksgiving and the birth of our blessed Sananda. We bring you the contentment that the gift of family can bring and the serenity of the season that is filled with love and laughter.

As you enter into the time of year when so much is happening please remember that you are the center of your universe. You are the one who is has the power to hold this life together and many are counting upon you to bring peace and love in what could be a chaotic time.

No matter how much you want the blessings of the Holidays to come to you, there are so many of you who do not find these times to be blessed. You do not find that you are content and that the loss of loved ones comes deeply into your being at this time.

There are many of you who walk the path of loneliness and despair and cannot see the blessedness that is with you at all times. You are hungry for the companionship of the past and want only to be loved and depended upon by another soul.

You, who are alone and discontent, open your eyes to the suffering of others. Open your eyes to those who are deep in despair over a sickness that has overcome their being. Open your eyes to those who are also alone and need, as do you, the companionship of others at this time of year.

No, it is not only at this time of year but all through the lifespan that this feeling of despair and aloneness comes to you. Open your eyes to those around and step forward into the world that is opening before you.

Make that call that you have put off for so long. Listen to the words of a loved one that you have not spoken with for so long and hear the relief in their voice when you speak the words of love that you have missed for so long.

Now is the time for you to step back in time and open your heart to those you have put aside because of some small discussion that turned you into a solitary being. Now is the time for you to take a step forward and bring into your reality the feelings of love that you have missed for so long.

Isn’t there just one person in this universe that you have not talked with for a long time that could and would bring comfort to you and to them at this time of year? Isn’t there a single soul in this world that would soothe your aching heart and bring solitude to you?

Maybe it was a word that was harshly spoken that caused you the grief that you now suffer. Maybe it was an action that was made in error and was misunderstood that is still causing you the pain of today.

Just like the clutter in your home, the clutter in your heart and soul is just as disconcerting. This clutter comes from all sorts of sources and you need to move it out of the heart and into the universe where it can be cleansed and returned to you in a peaceful and serene way.

Many of you who are alone are not lonely but quite content with the situation you have chosen for yourself. For those think of the others who are not content. Do you not have one single friend who suffers during the times of celebration because they are alone? Do you not see each day a soul who needs to have someone to hold their hand and give their heart a blessing with a single phone call or an invitation for a short meeting of the minds?

Think of those that you know. Think of the joy that you will experience during these blessed times and then look around you see if there isn’t just one soul who would also be blessed by your company.

Bring another into your surroundings and share the joy or thanksgiving with them. Give thanks to those who are around you for the blessedness that they share with you.

Open your hearts to the love of the Masters as they share these words with you and allow the love and peace of the God/Goddess energy to enter into your life.

Be more open to those who are around you. Open your heart and mind to those who are needy and give them the interest that they so need.

Be more open to the world that is constantly turning and changing and be certain that you change with it. You cannot go on in a lonely, solitary manner when the world is granting you the friendship and spiritual joy of those who are around you.

Think about your life and how you could make it more enjoyable. If not more enjoyable life, how about bringing a new spiritual side into your reality? Rejoice in the abundance of this world and be thankful for all of the blessings that are around you.

No matter what you state of life is or what steps you are taking to bring peace and love into your reality, remember that you have chosen this life and the way in which you live it. Each day you have a choice and it is up to you to make the right choice. You do not have to live in despair. Make a positive choice and come into the sunlight and love of this world.

Think on these things.


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We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving no matter where you are or what you are doing. There are many souls that read this message who do not celebrate Thanksgiving as they live in lands where the day is not a part of their life, but there isn’t any reason why they do not take the time to be thankful for all that is before them.

Remember that next Sunday, November 26th, is Akton Speaking time. Come and bring a friend and enjoy the words and thoughts of our blessed Akton.

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For now we leave you in peace and love,

Zephyr and Borealis

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