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HEAVEN #2177 Bless the World October 22, 2006

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HEAVEN #2177 Bless the World October 22, 2006

God said:

From beauty comes beauty. From beautiful thoughts come beautiful thoughts. Beauty is conceived, and then more beauty is received. What you look at is given to you. What you give is returned. You set your own stage, and then the props naturally follow. Sooner or later, this is the case, beloveds.

I understand that you can give a kindness, and it may not be returned to you right then. You may even get a slap. This is one of the hardships in life, that beauty, kindness, and generosity are not always recognized at the outset by those to whom they are given. Never mind. I have noticed, and you have noticed, and the universe has noted.

Of course, you know by now to give because it is in your heart to give and not for any reward, not even for a courteous thank you. The act of giving is a great reward you give to yourself. You see a need and fill it. What more can you ask of life, beloved?

How fortunate you are to be blessed with the capacity to give. Use this talent. It is God-given. All I give is given through you or one of your brothers or sisters. No matter what hand hands you a gift, the gift is from Me to you. And when it is your hand that gives, it is also a gift from Me that you are entitled to give.

Your paycheck comes with your employer’s signature, but know Who gives you the check. And when you are the employer, know I gave you the pen so you may sign checks on My account. I have signers all over the world. Everyone is in My employ. There is not one of you who is not. Whether you know it or not, whether you acknowledge it or not, I signed you on long ago. You are conscripted into My service. You might as well comply.

Whether you are the waiter or the diner, you work for Me. Both roles are important. I do not make one more important than the other. In the eyes of the world, well, that is another story.

The silliness in the world is well-known. And all that silliness comes from the distinctions that are made. Just to think of all the sorting out that is done in the world is enough to make you dizzy.

Which color of the rainbow is more beautiful than another? Who would make an argument about which color is holier? Who would make a war over it? Yet wars are made.

Remind yourself that all on Earth are equal in their meaning to Me. Whatever clothes they wear makes no impression on Me let alone any difference. Let them wear crowns or be shoeless, their value is the same to Me. I see to the heart of the matter. I do not get tied up in distinctions. The love I AM knows not distinctions. You have My same capacity. The way it is, however, if love were a flashlight, you would turn it on and off depending on what you saw. You would try to save the battery and not waste it, but then, you would be wasting love. If love is a light, then you are simply to shine it. No questions asked. No form to fill out.

If you are to bless the world, then you are to bless it. Not just some parts of the world. The world. Bless the valleys and the mountains. Do not be particular. You have been led to believe that particular is good. Universal is better.

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giving and receiving

Yes. From our giving, we receive not an effect, but rather the constant reminder that the Abundant God Presence is ever with us, fulfilling our hearts' desires, since God Itself planted those desires in our hearts.