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HEAVEN #2175 The Little Things October 20, 2006

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HEAVEN #2175 The Little Things October 20, 2006

God said:

Devotion comes in the little acts you do, the repeated acts, like tucking in your child at night, like doing the dishes, like sweeping the floor, like saying hello, like smiling. The daily details, the picking up.

There are grand acts of devotion as well, but the less spectacular daily acts express solid devotion. What devotion can compare to those acts you perform that are not thrilling to you? Like sealing an envelope, like opening an envelope, like paying a bill, like making coffee, like clearing the table. You are acquainted with devotion. Acknowledge yourself as one who is devoted. It takes great devotion to do all you do. It especially takes devotion to do the little acts that are not your cup of tea, like entering data, like waiting, like having to write checks, like keeping up, like picking up litter, like driving in traffic.

You are devoted to the universe, beloveds. Confess your devotion.

You are one who loves.

You serve the world. You give great service.

It is great service not to complain, to never mind, to congratulate someone else, to pick up after others, to sit by the wayside, to get on a bus, to get off the bus, to walk up a path.

I recognize all you give in service to the world, and I thank you. I thank you for your devotion to the cause of life. I thank you for picking up where I leave off. I have given daily chores to you, and you do them. You are like the brooms I sweep with, beloveds. Thank you. I bless you. You and I, We serve the same cause.

You might rather be an explorer who makes great discoveries, or a pioneer who opens up new land, yet you are in the rear guard. You tread where others have tread and where you yourself have tread a dozen or a hundred times before. Who serves more greatly -- the renowned hero? --or the one who follows after, unnoticed, yet who straightens things up on his way?

I commend you for your daily acts of devotion, the areas where you give ceaselessly without reward or recognition. As you humbly polish shoes, you are a king of men and queen of women. You serve Me well.

The grand flourish is easy to perform. The day in and day out details are not always so easy, and yet you perform them, day in and day out. You wipe the same kitchen counters, do the same dishes, wash the same clothes, fold them. You do all this for the comfort of the world.

Now that you have acknowledged your greatness in the little things, acknowledge another the same. Look into someone’s eyes, and thank them for what they do. You are given a great privilege to have appreciation to give. You are blessed to be able to say thank you. You are blessed to be able to give thanks. Be one who thanks as I do thank you for taking part in the world, for comforting and smoothing it, for ironing its shirts and hanging them up and sewing on buttons and serving as you do serve. You have certain service to give, and you give it. Part of your service is to thank others for their contributions. Offer tokens from Me, beloved. Be generous with them.

Be glad you have someone’s shoes to polish. Be glad you have the ability. Be glad you have been chosen to give the service that you give. Have gratitude for yourself.

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HEAVEN #2175 The Little Things October 20, 2006

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS HEAVENLETTER, GLORIA! Wow. Just what I needed today as I head off to be with an elderly lady who appears to not want our services in her home. She has been staying in her bedroom… so I have been cleaning her house, which has not been cleaned for many, many years. I had questioned during the night if I should ‘give up’ like other home client aides have in this circumstance. However, LOVE tells me to keep going back, to keep cleaning her house, making it a healthy place for her to be. SOON she shall come out of that bedroom door with a radiant smile on her face!!! I shall persevere.
love, Jana

HEAVEN #2175 The Little Things October 20, 2006

this is what came to me when I sent this translated Heavenletter to Gloria:

normally I do quilt blankets with pearls and paillettes and so
as a wedding quilt
babyquilt -
but all my quilts a very large
becasue i like to get covered all around and I therefore think that others like this, too...

this time I was asked from someone to make a cushion with his animal spirit a frog and the animal spirit of his wife a dragonfly

the little things... it does not always have to be a blanket....: