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HEAVEN #2178 A Great Illumination October 23, 2006

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HEAVEN #2178 A Great Illumination October 23, 2006

God said:

You know by now that nothing is higher than I AM – and nothing is lower. There is I, and there are details. That which is definable is physical, and the physical is illusion. We can call illusion play. I am play also, yet I am The Real. Everything in the world is an attempt at a description of Me. The world in its descriptions tries to place Me, recollect Me, allocate Me a spot. It is a good occupation for you, yet I do not occupy a space. I cannot be relegated. I cannot be pinned down. I am everywhere, and I am also nowhere, yet I am existent in everyone and everything. I am existent in you.

All the sciences are attempts to secure Me. All the arts are. Everything in the world is trying to document their exploration of Me through what I have created. Man, the Created, attempts to understand the Creator through the physical world. I created the Sun, Moon, and Stars. I am known by them. They remind you of Me. And yet the Sun, Moon, and Stars can only reflect Me. They take their positions and play a game. And you try to figure out their meaning. I am their meaning. God has drawn pictures in the sky and placed all the planets significantly, and yet, their placement is only their placement. The planets do not rule the universe. They play a part, but My command outshines the Sun. I am locatable everywhere, and I am locatable nowhere.

I am beyond the world of computation. I break the bank. You cannot lock Me in space, beloveds. You cannot ascribe any limits to Me. You cannot mark me on paper. You cannot make a chart of Me. I am the Charter, yet you cannot chart Me. Vastness cannot be drawn. Any line you draw undercuts Vastness, that is, you find only a piece. You cannot confine Vastness. I am in the tiniest atom, and yet I am far greater than the oceans.

It is not that I play hide-go-seek with you. It is just that I am beyond any level you dream of. You have Me, beloveds, but you cannot catch Me. I am not this and that. I am not this or that. I am the Cause Supreme. I am the Light, and yet I am unlightable. You cannot put a spotlight on Me. You cannot entrap Me nor put Me in a cage.

So what can you do with Me? You can love Me, and you can love Me more. You can love Me more until you know yourself as the More.

No science can do Me justice. Every discovery pounced on leads to another. Scientists are like the suitors in the fairy tales who are given a task, and then yet another task and another before they can take the princess by the hand. The seeking itself is wonderful.

I do not run away from you, and yet you cannot catch Me. What happens when you catch a firefly in your hand and close your fist? Its light has escaped you. Just so, you can investigate Me and the angels and ask how many angels dance on the point of a pin, but you cannot finish your investigation. There is no end to Me, so how can you find it?

And yet there comes a time when you have a Great Illumination, when you say: “Ah, this is God.” It is so simple. Indescribable, yet simple, God simply ever-present ever-still, ever-moving, ever-loving, God simply found everywhere, inescapable, unconfined, and yet not spotted. You discover that God is the most anonymous giver of all, the One Who gives, leaves a signature, and yet not His Name, God incapable of one thing only, and that is incapable of being apart from you.

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