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Who are we?






Who are we?

Dear Jayesh,

I know you know the answer to that one!

Let's hope we're not the body, mind, nor emotion!

With love and blessings,


Who are we?

Dear Gloria,
This is very powerful awerness for evry human. Humble request to all the reader to look into this question, WHO AM I ? When understanding about who we are come,many suffering from life wil runaway.Let the divine help us to search, who we are?

Mnay many blessings and love,jayesh


Many Heavenletters address this question, would you agree?

With love and blessings,


Who are we?

Awerness is the key to self-relization.When I am aware of my true identity,all the attachement of body,mind,emotion vanished. My true nature is bliss,this can experience through the body. When the mind and emotion are clear from all the karmic blocks. This blissful energy bring divine grace and wisdom.


Who are we?

I would like to share a few of my insights into the theme: 'Who are we?'


We are spirit and soul, temporarily encased in matter. However, for wise evolutionary reasons it became necessary in the past that in our conscious state we should loose all knowledge of our immortality and oneness with God. Because of this, since time immemorial, humankind has lived with legends of heroes, who gave up their immortality to become earthlings. Teachings that have their origin in the great wisdom of our Divine parents have always been with us. As mentioned before, they are known as the Ancient wisdom and came into our world to help humankind to make some sense of our earthly existence. During past ages they came to us in the form of myths. As we gradually evolved and could grasp more of their underlying esoteric meaning of the teachings they concealed, the tales and stories given to us became more sophisticated, shall we say?

The myth of Chiron, the wounded healer, illustrates this better than anything else. Ever since this tale came into our world, it has been trying to tell us about none other than you and me. When we left the state of oneness with the Source, to begin the long journey of developing as individual beings, soul received a deep wound which has never healed. Each one of us is a wounded healer, waiting to find release from this evolutionary phase again and be healed. As we re-awaken to the knowledge of our true self, this process gets going with great strength. It gathers ever more momentum through our steadily increasing awareness that our physical body is but a shell for our true and Highest Self; and that the spirit of the living God dwells within every cell and atom of our whole being, including our physical body. God is always with us; God has never left us and experiences everything with us. When we suffer, God suffers with us; when we enjoy ourselves, God does the same; and when we are healing, God is healing us and with us. Best of all, because of our inner connection with all life, when we are healing, everything throughout the whole of Creation heals with us.

Extract from ‘The Random Jottings of a Stargazer’ One, where you can read the rest of this chapter.

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