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Faith in God is our answer

I love my husband who passed away so deeply. Lately I feel the emotions and missing him getting stronger. Some days i feel it stronger than others and feel so alone, then suddenly something happens that i don't understand that shows me something different and in that moment i know it is GOD and my HUSBAND.

I look back now on this past year and what i see now is I know GOD has been holding me and carrying me, cause GOD knows i did not have strength and i did not want to live. It is still so strong, but i'm here and i'm feeling now and i'm seeing.

I know also my husband is right here beside me. He has shown me through songs, dreams and many other ways. I even feel his warmth for i know his warmth like no other. God knows my deepest need and that is Him and my husband, and God is blessing me with both.

I feel the reason I have been feeling shaky recently is cause God has placed me on my feet trying to show me it is time for me to take a step, but letting me know he is right beside me as is my husband. I don't feel i am wrong on this. I feel this strongly.

All i know is I want to grow and learn and do whatever my purpose here is for God, so then I can go Home and be in his light and with my husband for eternity. My husband has said to me so many times here that "Our love is Destined that even through death there is no end to our love for we were written in the stars long before we were born".

He has shown me the truth in this as he has always shown me the strength in Our Love while he was here in body. I only have God to thank endlessly for this, as also my husband would say. The pain of missing him here in body and longing to be in his arms will always remain till i'm in his arms, but i know God is ok with that, cause he knows Our Love is One as we know we are blessed through God to be One.

I'm not sure about things going great, but i can say with God and my Husband, things are happening that i am Grateful for. Faith is all i can think of right now. My husband always said without Faith you are lost. You have to have the Faith.

God bless you Gloria and everyone that God has placed in my path this past year for this is a Blessing.

Love, Mary

Shy One!

I understand Shy very well!

But I've got to say that if I had a deep love like yours, I would yell it across the mountain tops!

You have written one of the most beautiful and touching accounts I have ever read.

On the Heaven blog just recently, there are two entries that talk about Happy Marriages.

Do you have any secrets to pass on to the rest of us?

With love and blessings and many thanks,


Your Love

Dear Mary,
I feel your love and devotion for your husband and as I too share that situation with you (my partner and love is now in spirit too), I can say that somehow, love wins and the immense connection and tremendous feeling of love for your man and mine for my man brings joy above all human living joy.
I am so blessed to have been able to have a remarkable love and to still share that with my David and you are beginning to be able to do this too.
Body or no body, they are still our hearts and this is the only thing we should remember as the world goes by and we go through so many feelings of hurt and sorrow and lonliness.
Thank you for sharing here and perhaps you could also share the beautiful photo of spirit energy around your daughter you showed me recently too.
Take care and remember that this is only life and the real us and the real existence is waiting for us to finish our journey and to help others to love as we have and are still loving.
I am not sure why we all decided to come here and do this but it must mean something and all I know now is that through sharing and knowing real love, I can rise above human nonescense and teach others what life is really about.
You can too..........
Love Carol

Faith in God is our answer

Dear Gloria,
Yes, I am very comfortable with the heart of our life.

Our love Gloria is a rock. When we first brought our home my husband said " We are blessed with a foundation and it's up to us on how we build it". We thanked God for what we were blessed with and blessed our home to be The Rock of God's love. Our loving each other was the easy part, cause we have loved each other all our life.

It is the things or ways of this world that can destroy if you let it in. We both knew this so well. You have to believe in each other and keep The Faith of God. We always would say you never know what lies ahead, and my husband would say " Don't worry about the things that have'nt happen and when the time comes that something does it is then that you work it out together and know you will get through it.

We learned with our love to not hold boundaries on one another, cause you'll only hold each other back from growing and learning. We accepted each other for who we are and through that we became "One". When you grow to that level with each other there is nothing that can come in between you.

Oh God knows we have been through so many trying things out there. Some we failed on, but we learned and came back stronger, but we knew nothing could stop our love. God has blessed us our whole life and even tho my husband is not here physically, God is still blessing us both through his love.

I don't want to grieve anymore of my husband's death, cause he has not died. He is very much alive and so very much more alive than i am right now. I want to celebrate him being alive and walk in the strenght of God, knowing what he has blessed me with and what I have to look forward to when I go home.

God knows everything about and of me. He knows everyday I cried of missing everything of my husband and how deep in my soul I long to be in my husband arms. I don't have that spark about alot of things like I once did, but what I do have is a relationship I feel is being built with God and he understands and it's okay that I get emotional. It's okay that I cry myself dry. It's okay that I don't like the ways of this world and that I want my husband back, cause it is me. It is my feelings. It is my soul that feels this and it's the truth. He just wants me to let him in and be good to myself.

God has carried me and held this past year like I have never known, but I do now. I know myself, alone I would not be here. I still grieve for my husband and I always will, but I'm not alone. I can fall and strumble, but I know God and my husband are right here to help me through. I want to walk my steps in Our love and share the power of God's love till I reach the top and know I am going home into the arms of our father and my husband.

Gloria, this site you have open out of your heart for God and for the love of people to be there to help, you are an amazing soul and I want you to know how blessed and grateful I am that I have met you on the path God has for me. I posted the message for the world to see and I'm not afraid or scared to share it. I don't want our love hidden only within me. I want to walk my steps with the shine of our love like I always have.

Thank you Gloria. I love you and will be talking to you soon
Love Mary
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Mary's pure heart

Dear Mary,

This is profound what you have written.

In the Heavenletter written down this morning (it will come out in a couple of weeks) is about how our lives affect others, and how much more than we are aware of.

It is wonderful that you posted this, for your writing will stir the hearts of all who read it. I am so glad that we have created a safe place here when it's easy to speak our truth.

I would like to mention another place where you might also post what you've written. On the Heaven blog,, a couple of people have written about what makes their marriages happy lasting ones. You have a lot to add to that, dear one.

With love and blessings,


Faith in God is our answer

Dear Mary,

I have read your mail several times since you posted it. I'm not able to find the right words to express my feelings. What a beautiful, loving and tender soul you are. What you have shared with us is indeed so profound, it touches us in so many different ways and on so many different levels (I feel). We all walk together in divine love, Heavenletters is a place where we can share, help and grow together. Indeed it opens our hearts and the love increases day by day, it shines more and more and it expands more and more. Your mail is like a giant lighthouse to me, I am glad you shared your story, I think I will re-read it several times, each time letting a new string be touched by your love, by the love God showers on all of us through you dear.
I send you all my love and I embrace you dearly. Many thanks Mary!

Faith in God is our answer

Dear Mirror,
How are you lady? I realized, when I read your post, who you were when I saw your husband name. I am happy to hear from you. I still reread over your e-mails when you first wrote me. I am so thankful Gloria got us in contact. She's a match maker would'nt you say? A little humor....
We are so blessed to have the love that we do with our husbands. For me, this is the love God made between a man and woman. If there is anyone that knows that, I know me and you do. I share everything with my husband and always will for eternity. I still make him a cup of coffe in the morning ans go outside to watch the sun come up as we always did when he'ld be home off the road. He would always say "How you start your day out plays the role of how your day will go".
Yes, body or no body He is my Heart & Soul. We both felt and would tell each other how much we love each other and still can't get enough of each other.
Yes, we have alot to share and teach others of The One Love that really is all about life. It may sound like a fairy tale, then so be it. A fairy tale it is, but it is real and so so unconditional.
This wednesday, Febuary 7th will be our one year of him going home. I won't lie and say i'm okay, cause i'm not. I'll just say I'll get through it. The past several weeks I've been feeling the emotions waking up and the water hose coming on., but for my Babe i am not going to let myself focus completely on that day one year ago. I am going to celebrate him being alive. Our little girl wants to send her daddy balloons and a home-made card like she did for Father's Day. Through all the emotions sharing Joy will be part of it.
Gloria, I will talk to you more later lady. I feel you and me have so much in common and i admire you. Sweet dreams to you and your David.
Love Mary

Faith in God is our answer

Thank you so kindly for your words. I am very touched to know just my words of Our Love can touch someone. Sometimes I feel I can't say what I know I want to say, but found I can write it down better than talking.
You are so right. We all walk in the Divine Love of our God. He made us from his love and to know this Love is like no other.
My husband and I married ourselves before God one night as his mom and dad were our witness (whom are in spirit and were at the time). We knew to had walked back before each other again on the same path, we could not walk away from each other again. God had blessed us to know this love and to share it as one. I used to wonder why we lost so many years knowing how deeply we loved one another, till one day my husband told me. God had nothing to do with our time apart, that we made that choice, cause we were to young to stand up to our parents and let them know our love. We were kids and i was pregnant with our second son. He said we charted our life out together long before we were born and that we choose everything of our life. With him saying that made me realize why we went through the things we did through the 14 years we were apart. He would not of have found God and became the man he is as for me, to had became the woman i became. When we both walked that same path again into each other we knew there was nothing we were ever going to let come in between our love that we knew made us one. Some people used to tell him she has you whip and he would laugh and say you know what if thats what you call it then whip i am and i love it, cause we are solid. He would make my soul sing and i had no shame of our love, cause it is strong. We held up through so much, because we were 100% each in it together. We held no strings on each other and what one would feel shame of from the past the other would wash it away. This is Our Love. We could feel a need of the other (being thousands of miles apart) and would pick the phone up only to know we filled the others need by that call. He would call me wee hour in the morning to get me to get up slowly and go start the coffee, take a warm shower then get a cup of coffee and go outside and call him back so we could share the beauty of the sun rising. We are a part of each other that became one. We growed together. I always told him he was on a higher level than me, but he always would say that's okay I'll help you till you're there. The real beauty of this is even tho he went home he still is here with me and helping me. I have not lost him nor has he went away. I know where he is and he is also right here with us to. He has recently appear to our son. He caught just a glimpes of him, but knew it was him. Also, my neice who we both have been the parent figure in her life has seen him. Our 9 year old daughter he is around alot, she knows he is there and tells me what daddy is saying. I wish i could share the picture i have of her with her daddy and her auntie suzie who also is in spirit, with all of you. It was taken Halloween night and they are so beautiful and so very much in the light. Today made our 1 year of him going home. It was hard starting out this morning. I prayed to God to hold me through this day for i needed his strenght and to please let my husband be with me for i needed him to. Sometimes i feel i am asking God for to much when it comes to my husband, but then i was told it's only wrong when you are not being honest to God from your heart, for he already knows. I kept asking my husband how am i going to go through this day. I then kept hearing celebrate my life for you have been shown how very much i am alive. I cried saying i can't do this. How can i do this. I love him so deeply and miss him. Only then i realize that i had been looking at this day as a date and realized all the other dates are for celebrating something so why not this to. I asked myself if i was going to do nothing and just grieve the day away or celebrate his life and grieve in it. At that moment a song came on sung by Wyonna Judd, I will Testify. I knew then what i had to do. By the power of God's love he saw me through this day and blessed me with my husband here with me today.
You are so right Berit. We all have something to share that will help others and through it all we will grow.
I am sending bunches of love to you and i embrace you tightly in God's love
Love Mary

Faith in God is our answer

Dear Mary,
Your powerful faith and love comes to my mind several times a day since I read your story. I have been thinking of what I could write to you, to comfort you. Then I realize that I should just feel and let my thoughts of love go to you. You are not alone.
Love and light,

Faith in God is our answer

'I love my husband who passed away so deeply.'

My dear friend,
I wrap my loving arms around you and hold you close to my heart. My inner teacher tells me to send you the following message:


Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not dead; I’m not asleep.
I am in a thousand winds that blow,
I am in the softly falling snow;

I am in the gentle showers of rain;
I am in the fields of ripening grain;
I am in the morning hush;
I am in the graceful rush
Of beautiful birds in circling flight;

I am in the Starshine of the night;
I am in the flowers that bloom;
I am in a quiet room;
I am in the birds that sing;
I am in each lovely thing;
Do not stand at my grave and cry –
I am not there. I did not die.

Mary Frye

With love and light,

Faith in God is our answer

Dear Mary,
Thank you and many blessings to you. The message you have given me could not had came at a better moment. I needed to hear that for my days have been really hard and emotional. It's so like what i hear others say "It's a rollercoaster". You know it will come to a stop as you know it will start again, but how long it lasts is up to the one who chooses to get on and share it or stand there and watch in silence.
Thank you for your loving arms and know i hold you dear in my heart.
Reading each line in the message has such strong meaning. After reading, it reminded me that HE IS in everything loving and beautiful as he was while he was here physically. Going to the place where his body is laid at rest, i now see it in a different perspective after reading your message. I see it now as a place me going to respecting the body he lived in and knowing he is everywhere now. He is free out of the body to be everywhere. Thank you Mary for taking the time to care and write for your words have help me in a way you probably did'nt think they would. I just pray someone else reads this and it can help them in some other way as your words have touch me. We all need to be reminded and hear words like yours at times, exspecially when our emotionals are running wild and all that we know and believe is deep within being buried with emotions for it is then we need someone to bring us back to the surface to God's Love & Faith. He has promised us eternity.
Many blessings to you. I wrap my arms around you and thank you for your loving arms.
With Love & Light
Mary (shy)

Faith in God is our answer

Dear Tatiana,
Thank you for your thoughts of love. For we all need that and more so at times of grieving. Even tho at first we don't think it or feel it, there comes a day God shows us we do. But, through it all God is with us, we are never alone. There are days i feel the strenght of the pain of missing my husband, but am finding it is through the love of others that reach out and share their words that helps me get through that and that is through the Grace of God. He giveth us what he knows we need and when we need it. Knowing and having Faith in God is all we need, but there are times when something can happen that you don't think about your Faith in God and it is then that we need others that reach out to help keep the Faith. I don't feel we can ever lose Faith. I feel it is the negative things in life that can weaken our Faith and we need the strenght of others to get us through. We may only touch a handful of people, but God touches us all.
Tatiana, don't think about what you could write to me to comfort me, cause just to meet you is a blessing and in that there is comfort. Know your words are a comfort to someone or even many and that is a blessing. Just to know you cared enough to hear me and send your thought of love is comfort to me. Thank you for that
I send you much Love & Light