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What should humanity become aware with regards to Isis?

What should humanity become
aware with regards to Isis?

Isis was one of the very early souls that went forth to help divide the dimensions. As we have mentioned in the past, when Source saw the void, Source saw possibilities, but realized that they could not explore these possibilities because their construction was too large to follow the path.

Therefore there was the thought and desire to send portions of themselves and explore those possibilities.

With this in mind, it became necessary to first of all divide the void so that all the creative parts could be implemented. You might consider this as a ladder; each rung had to be put in place for the next layer to be created.

This division of the void had never been done before at least in Source’s memory. We say this as we are not privy to events before vibration. Our records go back to that time and we do realize that Source always existed, but not in vibration. We, the Cherubim were brought into spirit form after vibration began therefore there is a lag in some of the information that existed before that epoch began.

As we perceive Isis, she is very directly connected to Sophia whose activities were involved with participating with Source or All-There-Is to bring forth the beginning of creation.

Sophia had to change energy patterns to be able to go forth and help divide the dimensions. We see Isis as part of the change in these energy patterns. Isis is not the complete change as Isis does not have all the particles that was Sophia as Sophia moved to a lower level of existence.

Without Isis, and those who worked with her, there would have been no cosmos, there would only be the void. This was a great adventure as there was no known history where souls went forth to make this division and survived to return to Source again. These brave souls chose to take upon themselves a very special commitment and journey for Source.

As we read Isis’ intentions we see that she is very connected and committed to creation as she sees her part in this adventure and from those very early days has been responsible for bringing new information down to the lower dimensions for implementation in the world at this time.

She has a partner in this endeavor in Earth presently and that is the one known as Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael came to this part of the cosmos to start a new adventure in this part of the creation and brought with him all his lightworkers for this joyful experience at growth and creation.

For this part of the adventure, the two of them spiral around each other bringing companionship, devotion, love and the carrying out of a commitment made when this planet was created. They work along with the soul that was known as Jeshua that some call Sananda.

While Isis has had many activities in many dimensions and other planetary environs, we speak of this planet at this time as this is the current mission to bring forth the fields of humanity to the next higher level of experience and a new paradigm of adventures will begin soon for Archangel Michael and if Isis so chooses to work with this great light of spirit, she will do this also.

Blessings joy and peace
The Cherubim through Carolyn Evers

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