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Dear Gloria,

I'm sorry i have not gotten back sooner. I've been down sick and working midnight hours on my job.

Gloria, just to know my words from my heart that speaks the truth and can share "The Love" that me and my husband have in knowing we were blessed through God's love to have one another, brings happiness to me to know Our Love can touch and help another soul. My husband used to say that it was how we showed ourselves to other and how we handle the hards time to get through them that would catch the eyes of others to want to have it. Now i truely know the depth of his words. I heard his words then, I just did'nt care how people saw us. All i knew was i had everything with him and needed nothing more. I would tell him, he could put me in the middle of the woods with a pop-up tent and i would be just as happy as long as i had him there with me. Through him and his love he showed me the beauty of nature and the meaning of God's words. He taught me how not to feel like i was'nt honoring God by not attending church. That just by picking the bible up in your own home and talking and sharing God's words, you are knowledging and honoring him. That you are having church right there in your home, but then also you are to share it outside of your home to others. Gloria I could make a book of all the letters my husband so lovingly wrote me through out the years. I want the world to know of our love. I want the world to know of his love for all and mostly of his oneness with God. He lived, he loved and he breath in his own way with God. He had his own oneness with God between them and he left so many impressions of his love to so many. He shared and gave me a lifetime of his heart and soul to me. He used to say to me it's not the sharing of the body as it is the sharing and giving of your heart and soul. It's all from within thats shines out to all.

Gloria, I love you and i love this site and thank God for leading me here.

I will talk more later.

Love Light and Blessings