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Daily Quote by Mafu

Mafu, an enlightened Master, has come to remind humanity of its Divine nature and awaken within us the realization that we are the source of love, of power and of peace.

Weaving the mystical studies of the past into a way that can be embraced by seekers from the west, Mafu offers a unique and glorious pathway for all to know that they are loved by God and for seekers of the truth to walk into the light of their own awakening.

Mafu is channeled by Swami Paramananda Saraswatti.

Daily Quote

" Compassion and peace, this would be all that you would breathe into your body. And from your body, from your face, the world would receive happiness and joy. As though tiny little bubbles came from your face to My mouth, to My eyes, to My heart, to your heart. This is how you change your world. This is how you change the world, of the whole of humanity.

Compassion and peace.

Every question that comes to a master, the master does not
contemplate. "How will I answer the question." It sucks into its body the question, compassion and peace, happiness and joy, and little bubbles from my face to you.That is how the master answers the question.The words are incidental.That is how you turn your world that is shifting so quickly, into the time of Super Consciousness that is coming, already here. And that is how you see it. You see it by observing the truth. "


Yeah for Mafu

There are hundreds of enlightened Masters teaching A Course Of Miracles, allowing the Self-REalization of the Divine identity. It is time for all to awaken to their kind nature. Thank you Shahid. Namaste'; today is one of my b/d celebrations so I'm saying hi. MoH.