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Who You Are Quotes

Beginning to realize who you truly are right now will have you seeing just how much in love with your self you are. You really do love yourself. It is primal. The only thing missing is your realization of just who you are. You have misidentified and mistaken who you are with who you think you are. You suffer that mistake big time.

If the "spark" of desiring to come home to the heart has been lit inside of you - and for most folk this is not the case, even though everyone has this primal desire within them - then slowly slowly this "spark" will turn into a raging fire that will consume who you think you are.As a seeker you think you are going to "attain" something. Instead you are going to lose all sense of who you think you are.The fire of the desire to come home to the heart will burn you up.

Who you think you are is going to die - because it is only a transient unreality, a falsehood. Currently you believe the unreal to be real and the real to be unreal. This is the nature of the illusion, it turns everything around 180 degrees. The appearance is not as it seems.

Your attachment to this world of your imagination - yes, it is entirely created by your own imagination, day by day - will unravel as you realize just who you are. Everytime that you dream - when asleep - you create another world of your imagination. You know what your dreams can be like and these are your own creation. Sometimes you fly in them, or go underwater without having to breathe, or are losing body limbs, or being chased, etc.. You could be forgiven for believing how creative you can be. Well, this world that you find yourself waking up in day in and day out also only exists because of your own imagination. Now let the mouth of your mind wrap its laughing gear around that one!

Who you are is not who you think you are.

As you "see and be" who you are - come to rest as this one - you will lose flavour in and with the games of your own imagination.You will die to who you think you are and arise as the heart -- Elysha


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