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HEAVEN # 1776

I am one of the 2 persons who translates Heavenletters into Dutch and usually I don´t have problems with it (with my dictionary also on my desk lol) but sometimes I see certain words like in today´s letter:

Piecemal, doled out and wantonly

Are these American expressions cause I couldn´t find them in my dictionary or on free translationsites on the internet. Does anybody else have this problem?


HEAVEN # 1776


I haven't read this heaven letter I'm not sure of the context.

Doled out: distributed (usually used when the item being distributed is in short supply)

The Red Cross workers doled out the fresh water supplies to the refugees.

Wantonly: with abandon ... without discretion.

He spent his paycheck wantonly, his wife worried if they were going to be able to pay the rent.

piecemeal: something given out just a little bit at a time (your post said piecemal...i'm assuming there is a typo here somewhere)

She gave out the information piecemeal., It took me a long time to get the entire story.

Now I'll go read the HeavenLetter... hope this helped. and is appropriate enough to the context of the letter... I help edit some of the first 100 letters for the e-book Gloria's working on, while doing this I found God sometimes uses words very creatively.
Love, Lauri

HEAVEN # 1776

Well, dear Lauri, you beat me to it! And your answers were better than mine!

But here's mine anyway!

Let’s say I have a bag of candy. I don’t give you the bag of candy. I give you one piece of candy at a time. I dole it out, one piece of candy at a time. That would be piecemeal. I make you wait for more.

So I’m stingy with love, giving out only a little at a time, keeping much of it back.

Wantonly would be giving it out hit or miss, just as I happen to feel like at the moment. Not with discernment really. Even as I am stingy with it, I am not wise with it. I am a miser but I give and stop giving randomly. I give the candy not with love. A wanton woman would be a woman who gives her body without love.

Emmy's question really made me think. It's not such a simple thing to translate from one language to another. And, Emmy, you are so quick. As I type this, your translation is already posted! A million thanks!

And, Lauri, the first e-book credits you and the others for your proofing.
Much appreciated!

HEAVEN # 1776

I am sometimes like Speedy Gonzalez :lol: :lol:
(almost finished the letter when I posted this quesiton)


HEAVEN # 1776

And how do you translate Speedy Gonzalez in Dutch!

HEAVEN # 1776

uuhhmmm how about Speedy Gonzalez? :lol: