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#1776 Love Is an Energy Field

At the top of Michael's worldwide newsletter, he writes:

Gloria dear, Bob Towers, Nancy Tate, etc.... I find it HIGHLY SYMBOLICAL as well as so very, very SYNCHRONISTIC - that today's beautiful HeavenSent Letter was numbered #1776 - in conjunction with the announcement about signing the Original Old Declaration of Independence - in my Newsletter today!!
Life sends us messages in many way (SMILE))... Bless us all...I AM, Michael Age-Reversal [at] aon [dot] at

When people ask me how many subscribers does Heaven have, right now I say 1500. But how many people receive it is another question! How many subscribers does Michael's newsletter have, for instance? He includes a Heavenletter every day. The same goes for Lady Isis. I have a long list of beautiful newsletters that include a Heavenletter every day or very often. I will write down this whole list one of these days soon. I appreciate this generous sharing very much.

Jeff Keller www.attitude is puts his newsletter out only once a month. He doesn't always include a Heavenletter, but he does always include mention of it. His newsletter has 15,000 subscribers!

Also there are subscribers who have a sort of Heavenletter subscription list of their own. Allan from the Bridging Heaven and Earth TV Show used to have 35 Heaven subscribers until he finally gave them over to Heaven's mailing list. I have had readers of Heavenletters write to me with a comment, and I discover they are not subscribers and ask them to subscribe. They may write back that they receive them every day from their friend!

Thank you for sharing Heavenletters.