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Let's Let It Be As So

The other evening
While driving to pick up some din
I passed by a side street
With signs that did read
"Do not enter"
"Wrong way"
And it came to me in a bit of a flash
Of light, bright from within
Of night turning into day

"Do not enter"
"Wrong way"

Each time we enter into anger or distress
Into sadness or constant guilt
That's afraid to, or that must always confess
Or if it's that we must exact our revenge
Regardless if it leads to someone getting singed
Each time we war within or in the "out"
We are entering the wrong way
We are entering into a state so foreign to who we Really Are
That it doesn't even exist
And yet
As long as we give it the time of day
Or night, if be the case
We are as the car entering the wrong way
And we face traffic head on
And there's only so long that we can weave our way
In and out of the way
Before we hit or become hit
And isn't this the gist of all worldly fits
That we insist on facing everything and everyone head on
Instead of listening to our Heart
Which sings quite a different song
Truth Is
We'd rather hold on to being headstrong
Than have peace
And with it joy
All wrapped in love
Or would we?
Would we dare to dance to the tune of a different beat?
If this Is all there is, in truth
And if we're as reasonable as we always say we are
Then of course
Of course this would be our Song
Then, so be it
Let's let it be as so
No more down and out
Or holding an"other" down for the count
No more in and out of to and fro
But let's let it be as so
It already Is
It's just up to us to recognize it as so

This goes out to mi gente, to all my sisters and bro's
in love ... mike-o :)

Let's Let It Be As So

thank you for your poem

is a great SONG

let's sing it together all day and night


Ah, now that I read your poem, I know who you are!

I love your down-to-earth poetry!