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Just A Story

As I am the moderator of this "space" I will pesent you a little lovestory:

Just A Story

The wounds of a heavy fight (letting go, falling back, doubting, laughing?, seeking, finding, doubting, letting go again and again, releasing, surrendering, detaching, pleasures) - he carries at and in his body, as he enters her restaurant more stumbling than going.

Now, he is man completely, this beams from each pore, with each fiber she perceives this.

On the first gaze, this restaurant doesn't differ from others.
It is a restaurant, in which the ruling silence, balance and clarity adopt the guests.

White tables and comfortable chairs invite to relax.

Big glass-fronts open the gaze on the wideness of the lake and the mountains lying behind it; the eternal snow blazes in the sunlight and sends its golden greetings.
Sometimes fog-veils fall down as far as in the valley, the mountains hidden behind it.
Sometimes, rain-swaths admit the bounding green the gaze only on the terrace and this.

Colors, probably color-swab measured, play a big role in this white purity.
They are attached to the walls as pictures, they stand distributed in flower-troughs and produce so an independent oasis of relaxation for each table .
On the tables, enchantingly pleated napkins almost/already invite to meditate. Each of these oases is affectionated of some different decoration.

In the meantime this is spoken about - it is not only this lovingly prepared but relatively simple meal alone!

How does she do this?
What is her secret?

Everyone, full of hecticness or overloads from his everyday-life, who enters here, notices that he/she finds to the silence, to his/her center - perceived lovingly as if he/she was the only guest. Everyone is esteemed in his/ her peculiarity.

She welcomes each guest personally, her hand lays him/her between the shoulder-leaves. As from a mother, from a father, he/she scarcely gets to knowing such a fast support but feeling it.

She learned this so important gesture from one very great, very dear friend, who showed her the possibility to go into her strength with this his support .

She was unconditonally allowed to BEING by this dear friend - no matter how (sorrowfully, merrily, laughing, crying, crying, in nightshirt, in highheels, barefoot ...)!
With his hand between the shoulder-leaves he taught her how to look back, to search, to seek, to quest, to release, to surrender – and how to jump into the river of life, how to become completely woman and after having integrated her inner divine husband and her inner divine wife to be a woman now.

Today she can pass this on others.

She is there, fully present and frees the area, however.

Today, a wedding-celebration was to be organized.
The tables were put together in a circle, the meal prepared.
Silence, stillness and joy dominated the area. No one of the co-workers knew anything about the pair - no guests were there yet. The last movements were done, virtually meditative.

Since her beginning she confidently knew that he would come.

And then, the door rose, and he came in, tall, powerful and - wounded.
Everyone remained at his/her place, continued with his/her activity.

Her heart opened still further as she was coming up to meet him. It was hard for her not to run. However, a long lasting training had scholared her to take the things so as they were.

Shortly before he collapsed, she was with him, caught him and led him to the area, that she had set up for herself. Helped him there to put down himself , cleaned him. He fainted - with his last strength he had succeeded in coming.

In her area no light burned. She ignited one single candle, immediately a tender soft light was beamed into the room.

She sat down on a chair and put her left palm on his. He finally was allowed to dump down - he already had done.
Infinite love flowed through her and her hand to him, through him and from him back to her. and so he could become quite intact, safely got back the beauty at body and soul.

She was sitting on her chair – was it important how long she sat there, how long he slept? Who cared about time?

The brightness in the area increased, enveloped the two ones. Until he opened his now clear eyes, his gaze merged with hers, his heart itself far opened, and enveloped her. Her heart open enveloped him with her eyes.
The wedding had taken place.
He was there, he was, and she was there, she was - he is, and she is - both are.

And in the restaurant the guests celebrated, all had come .
It glittered and blinked in all colors of the rainbow! Everyone beamed his/her own light in it.

The two ones went into the circle of their friends, celebrating together the cure, the love, the joy, the light and the unit in which one is everyone, where the every I AM is brought in.

After a while, he led her outside, his hand putting between her shoulder-leaves, deeply looked into her eyes, into her soul - and asked her: „My beloved one, is there anything I can do for you so that you do well?“

Her heart did one of the popular extrasystoles - this was the only reaction. She deeply looked into his eyes, into his soul, completely merged with him over the eyes as he did with her: „My beloved one, is there anything I can do for you so that you do well?“

And as they stood so as a complete unit, one heard only one word:
It is!

Their feeling had become one.

It had been the space - the time for their unconditional re-union.
They were „at home“. Their common task - regarding the true glory and infinite happiness of heavenly togetherness - could be done! .
They had entered the bridge between full-man and full-woman and had activated the creators

living the truth of the space – the time

flowing from moment to moment to moment.

Response to Veronika's Story

Dear Veronika,

This is hardly a little story. I also suspect it is true!

Very beautifully written. It touched me very much.

When did you write it?

Just A Story

The truth of life......

Is infinite Love............

Just A Story

Beautiful writing VeroniKA...

and Andrachin, thanks for the picture!
(Beautiful kiss,
though I am waiting for a picture that includes VeroniKA's face.)

Congratulations and Best wishes Again!

Just A Story

A little story that is beautiful, I am new here to the board and am starting at the poetry, Thank you for putting this story here, I will be reading it often


Just A Story

hi to all - we are back!!!!
the life begins! hahaha

and this story was written in spring 2004!

and this feeling was the feeling that I found when I met Adrachin!(and it is a real story in that way!)

and please write write write your stories, your thoughts, your whatever...

and the more you write the easier it will be - and we all like to read your whatevers.