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This World?

Hey, Hey.
Hi Hi.
Hee Hee.

Ho. Ho.

A new world coming!
Coming every moment!
It's here for as long as we can believe it here.

We have to believe it here.
Believe it's here.

It's the only way!
The only way!

We have to believe the world we see,
the world we know,
the world we live in;

Is the only world.

It's God"s World.
It's His Kingdom.

"God So Loved The World?"

This World!

{Oh The WQorld.
Get out of her!
B Ye not conformed.
In it, not of it}

God man!
What can I say?

This is the world.
There is no other.

What we believe we see,
We will see.

Our collective belief about

will make it.


You gotta believe.

I mean. Man.
The NY Mets won the world series, didn't they?
Like 1972?
Who knows?
Who emembers? :roll:


Dear Stefan,

I loved every bit of your poem. It sang to my heart.

And your note at the end was also magnificent.

<Oh, I don't know. I guess I'm a free spirit, happy with my life; completely satisfied within and figure God will work things out in the world when mankind decides to stop fighting each other and we all decide to work together for peace.>

My understanding is that when we raise our consciousness, peace will be established. It will be where we ARE.

Thanks for your poem!


You are so right.

Our consciousness has all the power we will ever need.

We know this is true so we know there is never any reason to fear anything which may appear to be real in the outer world.

What is real is real to us because it exists in our mind and we believe that it is true.

If we don't like some fearful particular outcome from arising into our lives, we simply remove our attention off the thought giving us fear, and consequently there will be a different outcome. Perhaps we can even be a channel for Spirit to effectuate an outcome which is more to the liking of the rational, the just, the fair, the logical and the reasonable.

That way the fear will be eliminated as faith in something nearer to the heart's desire is envisioned and accepted as a possible solution towards which we can work if we wish to.

This doesn't mean trying to escape fear.
This means embracing it and accepting it for what it is
and then shining a light at it:
The light of consciousness,
to show it it's error,
and persuade it gently towards a better way.

That's all.