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Hello, Senors!

I wonder how he found us!

Pedro and Renzo, how is your spiritual center growing?

Love and blessings,


Dear Gloria,

Our project is just fine, thank God everything is going smooth with us, but something happened to me while visiting; which will never make me see the world the way I did until that time again. Renzo and I went to the border between Peru and Ecuador to buy material for our project. A town so poor garbage and sewage mixed together on the muddy streets, the smell was horrible I thought, a place where poor good people try to earn a meal, and where crime and despair was also a problem.

While standing against the side of of market wall, I saw those people surviving in their own ways, barefooted little kids walked the filthy streets risking their health with a nothing to live for look in their eyes. I felt that whole town's pain in an instant, making me so angry for those in power who don't even care to look in such remote places, so that they can keep filling their pockets. I thought how can we be so selfish and pretend everything is just fine, how can there be millionaire wars when this still exists next door, I felt so useless I wished not to had been human, even animals are not that evil. But I couldn't let all that get me down, and thought if I saw this, it isn't to let it weaken my energy but to make me stronger and bring awareness to people, and to appreciate and thank God for what I have and don't complain much.

I went back to our beach that afternoon and sitting in the ocean, thinking of all I had just seen, wishing I could end all that...then a local fisherman walk by asking for work. I started talking to him expressing how I felt. He could see my pain and desire to help, he started to give me ideas that would not only generate employment there but also multiply my investments to generate more employment and it is all I want, I am really tired of the world trying to get rich, just so they can be rich, I just want to end such misery experienced during my visit.

This fisherman was so nice, I told him I would look for him next time and Will invest in fishing boats to put to work and help the town. I just praise the lord I can accomplish all this, it's all I want to do in my lifetime, I don't care about comforts for myself anymore, I can't have any anyhow, not after seeing all that, it wouldn't be right.

Well Gloria, the resort is going fine and hope it is a great success, I need all the money I can generate to spread that energy and create more work and uplift those people and give them something to feel good about, and maybe that will change the consciousness of some people like me and with more economic means to start a love chain reaction of change.

Dios te bendiga Gloria,



Dearest Pedro,

What a beautiful heart you have, and how well you express it.

That anyone goes hungry is beyond my understanding. Why someone has too much food and another not enough, how can that be understood? Why one country is wealthy and another poor, I don't understand that either. Of course, there are a lot of things I don't understand.

But I do understand that there are great caring hearts in the world, dear Pedro, and it's beautiful to think about such a beautiful heart as yours. And you are going to make something happen.

Santhan sent me a magnificent response in regard what you wrote, and I hope he will post his response soon.

I understand that seeing the people in that village was a life-changing experience. All the more reason for all of us to raise our own consciousness and bring more light to the world.

When will your spiritual center be ready, dear one?

And how is your partner, Renzo?

And his Brissa?

God bless you from the bottom of my heart.

Your friend,



Yo all,

Interesting question. Why do bad things happen to good
people? This was part of a title of a best selling
book some years back. And it has been a perennial
question asked by most people at most times in
history. Many use this as a condemnation of God and
most spiritual teachings deal at great length on this.
Ideas of karma and grace, of sin, and punishment have
been created to try and answer this dilemna.

My take on this, from several different sources, is
this. Love created this universe in order to have an
environment wherein love could express itself, at all
levels. The Garden of Eden is also translated as the
Garden of Delight. Love playing with different
expressions of itself in a garden setting. In this
playing there is an evolution of sorts, with love
trying to push itself to remain loving in ever tougher
situations. There is an expulsion from the garden in
this process, and life expands in directions that are,
in many ways, not very pleasant.

The physical world is built on a set of natural laws
that are oppositional. Duality; pleasure-pain,
light-dark, dance-fight, etc. As we entered deeper
into this duality we forgot our love, and fear came to
dominate our awareness. Another duality; Love-fear.
But in all of this, throughout a history of violence
and pain and suffering we learned how deeply we are
able to love and show compassion. It is said that when
we feel deeply over someone else's hurt it is because
we have been there ourselves in past lives, on both
sides, victim and perpetrator, so that we are pulling
on our own deep experiences of these past lives and
our hearts go out to those who we watch suffer now.

According to prophecies from around the world we are
now on the threshold of returning to the garden in the
dawn of a golden age of huge proportions. In this
transition love is increasing in the human heart in
various ways. In this process the opposite expression
of love, fear, is also increasing perhaps as a natural
expression of duality finding loving unification.

In this period we may all be trying to clean up our
collected karma, pay back our debts to others, learn
more about love in hard situations perhaps in order to
feel like we are qualified to graduate to a world of
unconditional love. Many of us choose to live lives of
severe poverty. Can we love even in that type of life?
Many choose to pursue lives of power and the abuse
that power can bring to us. Can we learn to love even
in that type of life? In these confusing times the
message of Heavenletters rings sooo very true in all
situations. Love is all there is. Can we view
something that hurts us deeply, like innocent people
living in extreme poverty, without any judgement
what-so-ever? Can we love ALL of life after seeing

Heavenletters tells us that life is good, filled with
love, and we are embodiments of that love. Seeing
severe poverty like this tells us that life is hard,
and that "evil" exists here. So what do we want to
believe for ourselves? Life is good? Or bad? This is
basically a personal choice. Life exist for us only in
the way we choose to see it. Seeing it as loving
sometimes pushes us up against our vision of reality.

Love expresses itself in many ways, some of them
harsh. We are being told to express our love at it's
highest and in this process love will no longer need
to express itself in harsh conditions. We will become
vehicles for beautiful new age expressions of love to
become the norm. It is like after having learned to
love in difficult situations we are now ready to
express love in beautiful ways only. We are now able
to return to the garden and take of the fruit of the
Tree of Life and become as the gods.

Love Ya'll,
Deep South Iowa,

spiritual retriet

Querida Gloria and Robert,

Thanks for taking your time and try to understand people, I know there are good people in the world whom like you do something without expecting material benefit in return, and I sincerelly hope that by raising our thoughts we can change the vibration of the entire planet, in fact I know it is true and it is how the cretion works, I've seen it happen to water molecules and how mental stimulation affects the way it crystalizes, now the hard part for me and the rest of humanity I think is that we've all, and I mean the whole planet, unless you were brought up by Tibetan monks, were never taught to think this way and after years of wrong upbringing, and on top of that you add up fashion, capitalism, systems and governments, we've all been conditioned and confused, driven away from our true meaning here, we've been made believe that the way we live the world today is the right way, and it's all we should aim for, you're succesfull if you have a fat bank account, and so everyone goes for that, becoming more selfish as time goes on with that mind set until by intuition we wake up as it happened to some of us, we knew all along it was the wrong way to live, but you see it and hear it enough times that you continue on the same track.
What can we do but think and meditate about change and peace, and enough power, greed and status wanted by most people, but the only time my being will know the change is happenig will be when there are no more social classes and we are all one without borders nor colors, no flags and therefore no need to feel better, no need to win over the other and show we're stronger and more powerful. I once heard a beautiful Hopi indian saying: "No tree is so foolish as to have its branches fight amongst each other".
What happened to us, did we become more savage instead of more enlightened with evolution, why did our ancients live closer to the way it should be than us. I could never understand it, I mean I can understand the cause of our corruption and we all know it is money and power, but what I could never grasp or comprehend is why keep in the wrong track when we already know it is damaging the human race and destroying our vehicle of existance, our planet, we are now seeing it in our lifetime, weather changes caused by global warming and the increase in our population; which according to the scientist who researched the changes in water is the reason why earth vibration has increased since the 80's, plus you add the hatred between nations and religions and how our rulers feed it to us, as if any act of violance or revenge is right in the eyes of God as long as we have a convenient reason for it like defend our territory, as if the other side of earth was less important or disconnected to the rest of the planet, trying to keep us in terror all the time for that same reason, to excuse our violence towards others, as if the whole planet was waiting for us outside our borders to harm us, come on!
All of this is what I could never be part of, and one of the reasons you feel like moving away from all this to a remote beach in the poorest place, there's also corruption there but the need to control is less in small villages, since all their energy is really channeled to making a living day to day, people in the village where we're building our retriet are busy trying to fish, or sell crafts, or food to make a living, rather than just get richer for power and status. This is why I chose to move down there in a near future, I think humble people listen better and I know I can make a difference there as I experienced this time by talking to people there, they have no money to make, so time is not money down there, they sit and listen to you as I mentioned on a previous letter, and I know they can sense your intentions and that you're trying to do good and help.

Dear Gloria, these are my true intentions as of now, unless God wants to change them and I intuitively feel that need to change, I'll keep on my track as I have so far. You know some friends and relatives here seemed surprized by our progress, I guess they're used to making promesses but not acting on them, this has always been one of my qualities, try to accomplish every goal I set for myself, that's how I'm here and was able to turn myself into a proffesional/business man without limits just like my spirit.

Thank you again, Renzo is fine, he's been so busy with the construction, running here and there, buying material, cordinating with the laborers, taking care of burocratic procedures, etc yes we also have them but to a smaller degree, ha! what can you do..., and the fisrt part should be finished by end of april or so, there are 2 units right now and hope to have 6 total by April.
Brissa is also doing good, she has a boyfriend now, I was able to meet, very nice young guy, she came with us on the trip, I wish I could send video soo you can see her, but I'll edit some digital pictures so you can.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Blessings, Pedro


I like very much what you have to say.  I am sympathetic to these thoughts and sentiments.  I wonder how many other Heavenletters Readers also reflect these views.  My own opinion on the matter is that there has been a majority who reflect these views.  You know.  There are a lot more poor people than rich.  And the poor seem to be getting poorer, the rich richer.  Those now in the middle in this country ought to have a look around and a look a history.  The Bible is a good place to begin.  After all, history is HIS Story!
What you have done and are doing is nothing short of a miracle! 
Stefan John



I happen to order a "lord of war" on cable last night to enjoy with my wife, it was great, based on true events, it will be an eye opener for a lot of people. I'm glad they're making films like these to show the public the "truth" behind everything, and it's a good start to me, this shows that there's still people with good hearts in good places; which to me are he most valuable assets we have to make the change, because they can reach numbers, they have the means and power, as a speaker on Mayan conciousness once said: "you need some power in order to have ethics", but this time power can be used to attract light.

I think we are becoming more demanding for ethics these days, we're fedup with so much darkness, we are starting to crave light and the tranquility it brings to the soul, so after all I think we're in on the right track.

I wonder if that is what it's really meant by the quote on the bible of "Let there be light", that maybe that's our whole purpose here to fabricated as Gloria's letters say.

Bless 'n love