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Dear Gloria,

I return you message with one of deep love from my heart & soul. It is so refreshing to have the gentle winds of wisdom caress my mind.

I was listening to Fox News Today on TV and E.D. on the show, looked up the definition of LOVE. The last part of it was, a feeling of ONENESS. Now I think that means we can say we love everyONE.

So now you know my secret, I love you and everyONE. I don't love people because they make me happy. I am happy loving people,
everyONE of them.

Gloria, I talk to you with love and happiness because it is our language. The words and thoughts have nothing to do with this communication. Just the feelings I have for your work and for our ONENESS!

Thank you for the blessings you send the world!
Sharing Love, Peace and Happiness with you,
Lionel Ketchian