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Dear Lionel:
Hi.  Oneness.  All together, we are together on so many planes, levels, worlds, realms it isn't even funny.  As a race, humanity suffers the same fate as the child who is going hungry in Africa. Each one of us losses some of his/her happiness; that potential to be truly overjoyed and filled with the glorious love of all Creation reflected back to us with all the might, power and energy the universe contains as was meant to be for us.  Each ONE of us.
I may sound poetical, but in my mind this is not theory, but fact.  Not an imaginative fantasy, but a demonstrated experience in my life.
I went to your WEBSITE  Very worthwhile.  The blog on unconditional happiness is very worthy of mention.  Original.  Congratulations.  I wish I had been able to do something as good as that.  55,000 visitors plus.  Man oh man.  Incredible!  Just phenomenal!
Keep it up my friend.