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News from the central sun

Dear my friends,

it's a pleasure to speak to you now and here. I am existing in the middle of the universe. Known as central sun. My name is Shiin Ta'an Saan. It's the point of focus, where the universal energie manifests itself into this material univerese. A transformation point. My task is to modulate the frequency of the energy coming into this universe of existance. To give it the spin needed to drive evolvement. It was just seconds ago that this univerese was manifested. The nature of this maifestation includes time. To implement that, it was necessary to change the frequenzy to be reluctant. This is the nature of time and space. The condition for a material univerese. Now the SOURCE is breathing. The ALL THAT IS inhales. So the frequency is changing. One of the elemental qualities of the past frequence was seperation. This has changed now into ONENESS again. So the breath of ONENESS collects all seperation and integrates it as experience.

It's a wave currently flowing through this universe collecting the experience to expand even more of ALL THAT IS. An infinitive experience of creation.

Sometimes here, the understanding of mankind stops. They just can not imagine, that that is possible. This is a quality of the time manifested in this part of the ALL THAT IS.

Due to the frequency change, time stops now. It is no longer a part of this universe.

For the experiencer of time, this might be strange cause they are used to live in-time and are making the experience now to be out of time. This is part of the inhalation of the SOURCE the ONENESS.

Beings existing here can understand that, if they allow their breath to flow. If they adjust with the wave, they are in the middle of it. And can feel timelessness. So live in this universe is a big wave, emanating out of the SOURCE, the ALL THAT IS, expanding, infinitive. If you are in the middle of the wave, you know. If you are surfing on the wave, you know too. You just desided not to know in order to expand creation. To be free of limitations.

Limitation. A concept. Inveneted here in this universe.

Just imagine yourself as a silver surfer. Surfing on time. To do that, you should be able to swim. If you fall of the board, you will be in the water. Going under. Not able to breath any more. In the middle of the wave. And time stops. Death.

There is no such thing as death. It's just a change in frequency.

This is what happens right now. A change in freqency.

My service is to change the frequency. And finally as time tends to disappear I am allowed to tell you about all of that. Just make a little journey into your inner self. And you are in the wave. The wave of ONENESS.

Shiin Ta'an Saan

News from the central sun