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Multidimensional News

January 25, 2006

Dear Readers,

This is the seventeenth section of the Integration Door, which is soon to open.I am sending these messages out via Multidimensional News, to initiate a group process of Integrating our SELF into our self.

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We are the Arcturians, returned to assist you in the process of releasing the illusion of polarities so that you may become ONE. You have now recalibrated your three lower chakras to accept, integrate and use the frequencies of the fifth/sixth dimension, and your Soul has taken residence in your Root, Navel and Solar Plexus Chakras. You will likely be feeling many symptoms of transformation. Feel free to go to whatever doctors or Lightworkers who can assist you. In that way, you are allowing others to give their service while you also gain a much needed healing.

We are so proud of you. You have grounded yourself in Gaia, revived your Divine Child, and reconnected with your Power-Within. Because of the many changes in your inner world, you may project-out change into your outer world as well. Allow yourself to go slowly and set a “marathon pace” so that you don’t expect too much of your already busily transforming earth vessel.



As you are now aware, your third dimensional “individual” is a separate being, separate from others and separate from your Multidimensional SELF. It is your “Separate Self” who is weaved into the 3D Matrix, while it is your Multidimensional SELF who observes and oversees the “weaving” of your third dimensional reality.

As you are downloading your higher dimensional SELF into your earth vessel, and into the body of Gaia, the polarity of your “Individual Thought” is blending with the opposite polarity, “Collective Consciousness.” When you no longer “think” of yourselves as a “separate being,” you can accept the responsibility that “WE,” the Collective Consciousness of the inhabitants of the third dimension, are the weavers of “OUR” 3D Matrix.


The 3D Matrix is created by weaving together the horizontal, subatomic filaments of Matter and the vertical, subatomic filaments of Spirit. If you “look” with your Eyes of Soul, you can actually see these filaments. The vertical filaments of Spirit are glistening, transparent strings of white (all colors together) light. On the other hand, the horizontal filaments of Matter have gone through the Crystal Prism into the third dimension and have been separated into the seven different octaves/colors of light.

It is through weaving together the filaments of Spirit and Matter that you, all the inhabitants of Gaia, create the 3D Matrix upon which the hologram of your reality is projected. Your “separate self” is a small segment of your true, Multidimensional SELF. Just as you could cut a hologram into many fragments and each “separate” piece would display a vision of the whole, your individual, 3D self can also be used to present a vision of your whole SELF.

In order to create a hologram, an object (in this case, a thought-form) is photographed (held in your thoughts and emotions and focused by your intention), and then bathed in the light of a laser beam (the vertical spiritual filaments). Then a second laser beam (the polarized material filaments) is bounced off the reflected light of the first, and the resulting interference pattern (the area where the two laser beams commingle) is captured on film/3D Matrix (the third dimension).

When the “film” is developed, it appears as a meaningless swirl of light/spirit and dark/matter lines. But as soon as the developed film is illuminated by another laser beam (the perceptions of the third dimensional observer), a three dimensional image of the original thought-form appears.

A thought-form is different from a thought in that a thought-form resonates in the fourth and fifth dimension as well as the third dimension. Each culture has many iconic thoughts about people, rulers and places that carry such emotional charge that they become thought-forms. Thought-forms are collective thoughts that have received so much attention from the collective consciousness that they take on “form” in the fourth dimension.

These fourth dimensional etheric forms act as “windows” into the third dimension through which multidimensional beings can easily observe the workings of the physical world. It is through these “windows” that members of the physical plane can also observe the higher worlds.

Many of these “windows” are spiritual teachers who have crossed over such as Buddha, Jesus, or Mohammed. These Beings no longer resonate to the fourth dimension, as they were able to return to their Multidimensional SELF and travel through the Universe. However, they have left fourth dimensional thought-forms of themselves so that their followers can use them as “windows” into the higher worlds.


You weave your 3D Matrix much like we crochet or knit. The “separate” filaments of Matter and Spirit are the strings of yarn, appearing to be separated by space. You unconsciously weave in the patterning that is in the genetic code of your body and the beliefs that were given to you as children. Your genetic coding is also the way your “karma” ties together, life after life, your lessons and achievements.

You have the same Body Deva, holder of your personal form, for ALL of your incarnations so that you can maintain a semblance of Oness each time you enter another third dimensional “lifetime.” In order to “weave” the 3D Matrix you desire, you need to keep in mind that, through your karma, you can remember your “Mission.” Your Mission is the reason why you decided to log-onto this 3D Polarity Game in your first incarnation.

Many of you have the same Mission, which is, “Stay connected to SELF in spite of judgment, fear and pressure to become who THEY want you to BE.” It is in this way that you can “Remember the TRUTH in the midst of the lie!” Most of you have learned in your many lifetimes that the TRUTH is NOT to be spoken. You learned this “lesson” through numerous lives in which you suffered dearly, or died horribly, because you spoke the TRUTH. No wonder you are afraid to “Come Out” as your true, Multidimensional SELF!

On the other hand, hiding your SELF generates inner fear, whereas courageously BEING your SELF establishes a deep love for all life around, and within, you. This dance of love and fear, separate and eternally at war, is what weaves the filaments of Spirit and Matter into the 3D Matrix.

Fear and love are the yarn, the filaments of Matter and Spirit that are woven together with our crochet hook or knitting needles. At times, fear and love work together with two different “hooks” to catch the thread. At other times there is fear OR there is love. In those cases, you choose, consciously or unconsciously, whether to use the “fear hook” or the “love hook.”


At times you choose the fear hook because it is fast, and you don’t have to confront your SELF. However, fear exists only in the past or in the future. Therefore, you end up creating what you have already experienced, or what you fear WILL happen. With the love hook, you can only be in the NOW to make the strings catch. To do that, you need to release old core beliefs of the past, as well as worries and fears for the future.

You must be very still inside to catch the NOW boat of the present. This NOW boat is in the present—FOREVER. Hence, you travel through what appears as “time” to others, yet it eternally feels like Now to you. When you choose two hooks to create your matrix, the love hook and the fear hook, it is much like a beginner’s knitting, because the tension of the strings is not the same. The “fear” part is tight and worrisome; whereas the “love” part is loose and hopeful.

Every so often, you are so completely enmeshed in one area of your life that you create your reality with only the love hook OR the fear hook. Creating only from love is a Divine Experience, but difficult to maintain. That is why it is enjoyable to be away from others in a natural setting were the Collective Consciousness of Nature is louder than the Collective Consciousness of people bustling through their busy lives.

In this stillness it is easier to create ONLY from love. Also, while in nature, you can go on your own body clock. You can rest when tired, eat when hungry and create when you are rested and nourished. In the midst of your working life, external parameters dictate what you must do, and when you must do them. To weave a happy, loving 3D experience, it is best to cease all creation done in fear. What you create in fear produces the experience of fear; whereas, what you create in love, produces a loving experience.

The best way to cease creation from fear is to be a conscious creator. Of course, few are ALWAYS conscious creators, even though that may be the goal. If you are always conscious of your SELF, you would never choose to create a fearful experience. You would not choose to use the fear hook, because you would know that fear only comes back to its creator. For this reason, you are in the process of surrendering your life to your Higher SELF, your Soul, who has now integrated your consciousness and your first three chakras.

Your Soul is well aware that there are some on this planet whose Mission is to create the Fear Polarity of the third dimension. These are the Lucifer Troops. Your Soul also knows that it is best to neither fear nor judge them. They have made a great sacrifice to carry that banner so that others can play the 3D Polarity Game. It is your Love and Light that will neutralize their Fear and Darkness, and bring this Game to an end.

When enough inhabitants of Earth tire of judging, fearing, fighting, resisting and externalizing Fear, the Lucifer Troops will retire and return to their true, Multidimensional SELVES, just like everyone else. As each member of the Lucifer Troops returns Home, or to their true SELF, the Collective Consciousness of Earth expands to embrace its true, Multidimensional Reality. As this happens, it will be easier for the masses to awaken to their Multidimensional SELVES, as well. Meanwhile, it is you, the Spiritual Pioneers who are creating the first changes in the Collective Consciousness.


It is only your Separate Self that experiences the difference between love and fear. It does so because that part of you believes that everything is separated from everything else. The Separate Self only has access to third dimensional perceptions. Therefore, it cannot consciously perceive the subatomic particles that actually join “all that IS manifest” (horizontal filaments of Matter) with “all that is not manifest” (vertical filaments of Spirit). It is only in the first through fourth dimensions that these subatomic filaments cannot be perceived.

Your Soul/SELF, who is now becoming the Captain of your earth vessel, consciously perceives the sub-atomic particles that connect all third dimensional life. Your Soul also experiences and interacts with the many different dimensional realities that are resonating to the higher frequencies that are NOW a component of your present reality. From the perception of your SELF, there is no “space” or “time” in-between these multidimensional realities, as there is NO “in-between” in realities without separation. There is only HERE and NOW in the realities that resonate to the fifth dimension and beyond.

To the perspective of your ego/self, the dimensions are “separated” into layers of experience so that you can more easily integrate multidimensional information into your physical brains. Your ego/self uses only about 10-15% of your physical brain, as it is restricted to the familiar logical, sequential order that it has always “thought of” as reality. In order to consciously perceive the true multidimensional reality requires a steady expanding of your consciousness and belief systems. To suddenly awaken to a true, multidimensional world, with all frequencies and dimensions intermingled and instantly available for you to choose from, would be quite overwhelming.

Third and fourth dimensional order also provides you with the illusion of the progression of time while you prepare for Planetary Ascension. The Collective Consciousness has chosen to take this “time” to prepare so that sufficient numbers of people can awaken enough to have the Unified Power to ascend the entire planet. There are “times” in which you can most easily unite to prepare for the planned Planetary Ascension of December 2012. These times were 01/2001, 2/2002, 3/2003, 4/2004, 5/2005, and will be 6/2006, 7/2007, 8/2008, all the way to 12/2012.


You are becoming increasingly unified via your technology of cell phones and the Internet. Now, you can instantly communicate your thoughts with anyone, anywhere in the world. Eventually, you will be awake enough to drop your technological crutches and realize that you are already united in the planet’s Collective Consciousness.

Then all you need “do” is “think” that you would like to communicate with someone, and instantly your consciousness will be connected with theirs. That person can choose to “check caller ID” and decide to answer you or decide not to “pick up the phone.” However, because you are united, you will know that they made that choice. With no separation, there can be no lying and no deceit.

Within the FLOW of a multidimensional reality, the layers of frequencies/dimensions are as thin as gauze and quickly become obsolete as you re-adapt to your true SELF. Each dimension becomes a camera lens through which you calibrate your perceptions to the frequency of that reality.

This calibration is necessary, as all realities are right HERE in the NOW. However, you are not actually calibrating your senses; you are calibrating your consciousness. Once you calibrate your consciousness to a certain frequency, your perceptions naturally abide by that calibration. While functioning from your Soul/SELF you are aware of the surrounding frequencies of reality and are aware that you are united with ALL of them.


Calibrating your consciousness to your chosen reality is as familiar to your Soul/SELF as shopping in a Mall is to your ego/self. When you are shopping in a clothing store, you see many racks of clothes. You know that the experience of wearing each of these “clothes” will present a different “self” when you look into the mirror. You could wear many different articles of clothing at one time, or you could wear only one simple outfit. You are also aware that you can “change clothes” whenever you desire.

When you look around the store through your Eye of Soul you see others who are also “shopping.” From your ego’s point of view, these people appear to be separate. However, through your Eyes of Soul you see that you are connected to all of them by subatomic molecules. There are many other “stores” in the Mall. Through your Eyes of Soul you can “pan-back” until you see the entire Mall with all the sub atomic particles that connect you to the “Essence of the Mall.” As you pan-back further still, you see that there are many other “Malls,” with many stores within them.

These “Malls” are all connected with subatomic particles to the city, the cities are connected with these same particles to the state, the states are connected to the country, the countries to the continent, the continents to the planet, the planets to the Solar System, the Solar Systems to the Galaxy, the Galaxies to the Universe. As you pan-back even further you see that there are Universes in many different dimensions, which are also connected by these same subatomic particles.


You are “separate” because you choose to perceive/believe that you are separate. It takes “time” to travel from place to place because you have chosen to separate your consciousness into “individual,” 3D body. However, your consciousness is united with every other “Individual” bodies in every other “separate” city, state, country, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, dimension... through your consciousness

Once you choose to think in a United, Collective Consciousness fashion, it is very difficult to harm another. It is also not as easy for fear to get a grip on you. If you don’t enjoy this “store” in the Mall, you simply calibrate your consciousness to experience a different store, or a different Mall. If you cannot achieve your goal in one store, state of consciousness, you need only change your consciousness. Once you can “pan-back your lens” beyond the illusions of separate stores and separate goals, you will remember that you are all connected to a larger goal; a goal that you do not need to achieve alone.

Furthermore, you don’t need to “achieve” your goal because you are not separate from it. You are not separate from the “We” who are calibrated to the experience of living that goal. Again, if you want to change your experience, all you need “do” is change your consciousness. Once you alter your consciousness, you adjust the filter in your camera lens. You can even choose to expand your consciousness so much that your camera can SEE the in-between, LISTEN to the sounds that make no noise, FEEL the nothingness and EXPAND into a larger SELF resonating to an even higher frequency.

You can constrict your consciousness to have the experience of being a molecule, OR you can expand your consciousness to have the experience of being a Galaxy. You can do this by NOT allowing the illusion of your separate, limited body to restrict your consciousness. Your consciousness is NOT in your body. Your body is IN your consciousness. Only a small portion of your total Being is choosing to “shop” for “clothes” in this small “store.” All of your consciousness/Essence lives in Unity with All That Is, and ALL of your consciousness is united with everyone and everything.

In reality, YOU are not a person, city, state, nation, planet or galaxy. YOU are a dimension. You are the 3D Matrix of this 3D Hologram. You have chosen to “shop” here for the experiences of separation and limitation. You are no longer a baby, or even a child. You have outgrown the clothes in this store. You are grown up NOW; grown up enough to embrace your TRUE Multidimensional SELF!

Until we return,
The Arcturians


This is your new Captain speaking.

I wish to address all of the members of my multidimensional earth vessel and crew. Yes, I can directly address my vessel, as it is as alive as the planet on which it is currently docked. Initially, I wish to address the first dimensional, mineral members of my crew: the cells, atoms, chemicals and DNA.

These members have diligently taken from Gaia’s body the necessary elements to create this vessel. I have accessed the control panel on this First Deck/Chakra and recalibrated all of your chemical markers to begin the transformation of this vessel from carbon-based to light-based.

I have also re-calibrated the control panel for this Deck in order to filter-in your Kundalini force, thereby changing your power source from one-dimensional to multi-dimensional. Hence, the second dimensional organs of this vessel will now be able to gather fuel, not just from the flora and fauna of this planet that has been your docking station, but from the Light of the entire Universe, as well. This advanced power source will allow you to more easily detect and move through the many illusions of your current port. Your new source of fuel also prepares your entire vehicle for its impending lift-off into the higher dimensions.

I commend the first and second dimensional crewmembers who have served me on this Deck, and I wish to congratulate you all on your ability to accept change. I would like to introduce you to a new crew member. You will find Her within you; Her name is Gaia. Gaia, the planet from whom you have gathered the elements to create this vessel, is also transforming and has kindly offered to join your crew to better assist with the vessel’s ongoing transformation. Since She is a multidimensional Being, She has no problem serving on many, in fact, millions, of vessels in the same moment of the NOW.

I, your new Captain, am also multidimensional. I have not excused your past Captain, Ego/self, as it is one of the many components of my total SELF. Instead, I have re-assigned this portion of me to be my First Mate in charge of mundane activities. In this manner, my vessel will be able to continue its Mission of being a separate individual forging through the many limitations of third dimensional illusion. I congratulate you all for your success with this Mission. It is because of your great victory with this assignment that I have been able to begin the process of becoming your new Captain.

I remind all the crew on this Deck that I am always available for any assistance you may need in your transformation, or even with your daily tasks. Because of my multidimensional consciousness, I will have no problem assisting each and every one of you, individually, within the same moment. Ego, my First Mate, will be in constant communication with me. Hence, you may also address me through your former Captain, Ego.

Now, I would like to address the Second Deck/Chakra. I also commend you in learning the fine art of “partnership with” your emotions, rather than “domination by” your emotions. The fuel for this Deck, emotion, is a strong power source, but it can also cause erratic functioning or even completely shut down the operating systems. Because of this, I have recalibrated the emotional control panel on this Deck to filter-out intense polarized emotion and to filter-in the higher dimensional, Unconditional Emotions.

The Divine Child has never lost connection with Home, and is, therefore, very comfortable with the Detached Compassion of 5D emotions. Because of this, Divine Child has been appointed as the Supervisor in charge of emotional operations. The duties of this position include channeling the immense power of emotions towards fulfillment of our chosen Mission, as well as assisting all Crewmembers to deeply enjoy their remaining time in this port.

I wish to commend the second and third dimensional members of this crew on your total acceptance of me, you new Captain. I realize that your magnificent instincts and intuitions have largely been rejected by the rules of your current port and by the overly intellectual Crewmembers on the Third Deck. With the recalibration of your emotional network, you will have greater access to these innate powers. Also, you will no longer care if “they” doubt you, for you will no longer doubt your self. I ask you all to feel free to share any of your instincts, intuitions and ever-expanding creative ideas with my SELF or my First Mate, Ego.

In closing, I ask that you take a long moment to join your core, your Hara Center, with the Core of your new partner, Gaia, Mother Earth. Your Deck shall be the incubation center of our new Light Vessel. Hence, send down an “umbilical cord” into the womb of your Earth Mother for nurturance and assistance with your rebirth. Allow this cord to travel down through the First Deck and into the Heart of Gaia, who is now a crewmember on the First Deck. Gaia will then lovingly implant this cord into the womb of Her Planet.

I move now to the third and fourth dimensional members of the Third Deck/Chakra. I have recalibrated your control panel so that your great intellectual ability can merge with your fourth dimensional illuminations. In this manner, the rigid belief systems of your “individual” 3D reality will no longer limit your great mind or cause you to doubt your Inner Communiqués.

I commend the fourth dimensional members of our Body Deva who have tirelessly served in the healing and reconstruction of this vessel since its very conception. Without your habitation of this vessel, there would be no Spirit and NO hope of return to its true, multidimensional nature. I realize that the Intellectual Crewmembers have not always thought highly of you, if they have thought of you at all. However, they were merely doing their “job” of operating under the illusions and limitations of this port.

I have re-calibrated the control panel for this Deck to filter-in the conscious recognition of fourth dimensional signals. I have also installed a powerful firewall so that unwanted psychic attacks of the Darkside of the fourth dimension will be detected by our radar screen, yet filtered-out before they can do any harm to our vessel. These unwanted assaults will no longer be allowed.

Dear third dimensional, Intellectual Members of this Deck, I would like to introduce you to the fourth dimensional Elemental Members of your crew. You may, or may not, have known of their constant interactions and contributions, as you were focused on your former directive, “FORGET your Multidimensional SELF.” I wish to inform you that your directive has been altered drastically. In fact, your new directive is, “REMEMBER your true Multidimensional SELF.”

I also wish to commend you Intellectual Crewmembers for your ability in playing the 3D Game so well that you have come to this point of “End Game.” You have done an excellent job of “being individual” and living through myriad limitations. I will now introduce you to your silent partners, the Elemental Crewmembers. Because they were operating from a higher dimension, they were well aware of you, while you were largely unaware of them.

First meet the Earth Elementals, the Gnomes, who have greatly assisted you in the care and maintenance of our physical vessel as well as the hard drive. The Water Elementals, the Undines, have been assisting you in maintaining the flow of all the liquid through this vessel. The Air Elementals, the Sylphs, have kept the “space” of this vessel clear and filled with oxygen. Finally, meet the Fire Elementals, the Salamanders, who have kept all the electricity and other power sources operational.

I ask now that all third and fourth dimensional crewmembers of the Third Deck join in conscious collaboration of duty and responsibilities. I also ask that you remain in constant connection with the first and second dimensional crewmembers of the First and Second Decks. Take a moment now to connect your control panel, chakra, with the control panel of the Second Deck, and hence with the umbilical cord within that Deck. You will then automatically be connected with the First Deck and with Gaia Herself. Remember to consult with the instincts and intuitions of the Second Deck as well your trusted partner, Gaia, on the First Deck.

I am very proud of your ability to begin this major transformation. I know that it is the most difficult for the Lower Decks to alter their Operating Systems, for they have been functioning within the old system for eons. I will now move to The Bridge on the Fourth Deck/Chakra, which is the Heart of our dear vessel. I know that I will be warmly welcomed, as this Deck has been calling to me for quite some time.

My communiqué with you, the Lower Decks, is now complete and I leave you in the trusted hands of my First Mate, Ego. I will continue my recalibration with the Higher Decks, but since I am multidimensional, my attention will also be continually with you. Therefore, I will be able to instantly respond to your every question or request.

Again, I AM Soul, the new Captain of this Vessel. I guide you now in our great Commencement into Light.

Your Captain

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