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The Dawning of a New Day from One Voice~One Heart

Ah, Beloveds, how tenderly we come to witness your awakening to what lies just beyond the horizon of your lives! We stand in awe at the sensitivity of your antennae for feeling the stirrings in the wind...the blip on the radar screen of the hologram of the Universe. Your sensitivity is heightening, and the New Day Dawning is in direct correlation to the commitment humanity and the other energy forces in the Universe has to furthering the evolution and the Oneness. Beloved Ones, you are charged with the responsibility of awakening deep within your spirits, to the possibilities that lie ahead....for freedom and love and expansiveness within and without. You are calling for a deeper knowing of joy, and you are being answered, in poignant echoes throughout the cosmos...your calling...your sounding....your sharing the vibration of your love is creating the anchor for the richness and your cries are magnified and amplified so that all might have the choice to join forces, in love. Ah, the light that is taking on a richly textured depth, beloved ones! Ah, the communing, one with the other, that all might stand in the glory of God's love. The wave of light takes on new energy now....the energy of which, at first, causes you to shield your eyes and your heart...for a fleeting moment. With remembered joy, you step deeper and deeper into the luxurious, pulsating energy of this light, and the glow within you brightens and the flow of love becomes more magnificent, still. And once again, you integrate the wave of love filled light, and find your balance....just in time for the next brilliant glow to flow, finding it's target deep within your heart. And you dance a dance of celebration, holding hands and touching hearts with all those kindred souls who come to share and offer their own light. And the voice within you is empowered by gratitude and deep reverence for the intensity of the changes deep within your core. And the threads of the tapestry of your soul, are interwoven with those of all living things...and the silver and gold glittering threads from the heart of God, bind you, one to the other, in love.

Oh, beloved ones, how rich this tapestry of life you co-create with God! And you are sheltered in the softest cocoon of the tapestry of life and cushioned by the softest cloud, as you walk, in faith, toward this new your unique way. And the dance of a million lifetimes flows forward, as you sway to the rhythm of the earth and of the heavens. And you turn your faces upward, then inward, and find the Godlight within you and beam that light out into the Universe...and a magnifcent beam of light is created.... Godlight...shining brightly.... as healing....forgiveness, gratitude, joy and love wash away all old fears and sorrows, and open spaces deep within in you.....that remember Home. Welcome Home beloved ones, a joyful welcome Home, for you have created the New Day you have been seeking, and dawn is upon us.

Rest gently dear ones, in the beauty and power of who you are. And tonight, as you fall asleep, you remember the Dawn of the New Day, and you sleep the sleep of the innocent. And in your dreams, you dance with the angels. And you are held ever so gently.....and with so much love. Many blessings.

In love, gratitude and service,

Lynne~Rainbow Dancer

[img][img]We are One Voice~One

The Dawning of a New Day from One Voice~One Heart

Thanks Rainboe Dancer,

You've put more light into this growing brilliant place. You have won the Heavenletter of the day award, stay tuned for lots more!


Thank you Joe

Dear Joe,

the light it merely a reflection of your own! I thank you so much for reading the message and writing. I'm staying tuned!

Love and many blessings,